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April 11, 2016


When the day ahead is long, the commute can make it longer—and the return trip makes the day even longer still.  Folks in cities like Miami, Atlanta, DC, Houston, NYC, Los Angeles, and Dallas know all too well the pains of a long commute. Hours lost, money lost.  Down in Miami, my 90 minute 17-mile commute crushed my expectations of the day and damn-near crushed my spirit. And then…Serial. Yep, not music, but a podcast.  What ultimately amounts to good old-fashioned talk radio.  Over the past year, Podcast listenership has rapidly increased.  The country was drawn into the 1999 case of Adnan Syed and the unfortunate death of his high school girlfriend Hae Min Lee.


After Serial’s first season wrapped, I couldn’t help myself, I had to see what else was out there. Surely there had to be more to this app that this one jewel. And, welp, there was. There is. It’s our aim with this blog is to offer inspiration, resources and tools to small business owners and nonprofit managers seeking to grow their brands through content. If you're taking part in the non-stop hustle of self-employment, you're always on the quest for ways to improve your business and yourself as a business owner. At Jali, we think podcasts are one of THE best FREE tools at your disposal! 


Here are some of our favorite podcasts for the storytelling entrepreneur.




Hosted by master storyteller Glynn Washington, this podcast delivers beautifully told true stories—that are often stranger than fiction. As Glynn says in the intro it’s “storytelling with a beat.” As an entrepreneur, startup founder, momeprenuer, or whatever title you’ve taken on—this podcast will provide inspiration as you seek to grow your following and customer base through storytelling. Each episode has a theme, with each story more often than not being told by those who lived it. From the daughter of a serial killer, to the wife of a murdered fireman who bonded with her husband’s killer’s wife—it’s all here. We highly recommend this podcast for what it can teach you about keeping an audience engaged, and what can happen when you approach storytelling in a unique way. Find SNAP JUDGEMENT HERE




Remember that show Unsolved Mysteries? How creepy was that!? And those stories were based on true events!  Imagine dealing with traffic as you listen 25 spooky minutes of real-life haunting encounters.  In this cast, author Aaron Mahnke dissects the country’s most prevailing urban legends in an almost musical monotone voice that keeps you interested, but creeps you out at the same time. We put this podcast on the list not just because we love a good ghost story, but as you listen to Aaron’s story behind the story, it’s a wonderful example of the journalistic approach you have to take when telling a true story. In your case, it could be the story of your mission, your biography, the story behind your product, etc. You have to dig behind “the thing” to help your audience understand it, and care about it. From beginning to end, and quickly, Mahnke gives what his audience is looking for—a good story, that sticks with you throughout the day. Find LORE HERE




Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose, the brains behind the Content Marketing Institute, are marketing gurus who are firm believers in the ancient art of storytelling—and fully believe that content marketing is probably the oldest way to market goods and services. Many who take the leap of faith into entrepreneurship do not always have the resources to hire marketing strategists—if you plan on doing your marketing yourself—THIS podcast is one of the best resources out there.  Pulizzi and Rose offer valuable insight and point you to valuable tools and resources.  They are interesting, creative and pretty funny. If you are a marketer yourself—THIS podcast is one you cannot afford NOT to listen to! FIND THIS OLD MARKETING HERE




Experience is the best teacher—at least that’s what they say. Even better than experience, however, is someone else’s experience. That’s what Omar Zenhom delivers—real actionable advice for the small business owner. With a founder that dropped out of the Wharton Business School to start The $100 MBA, you will feel confident in the advice he brings (we’re not being ironic here, seriously Omar knows his stuff). With a succinct, engaging and fun format, this podcast answers important questions that are vital to small business owners.  Most recently, he answered “How do I deal with rude clients?” “Is Being Better Enough?” “Is Blogging Dead in this Age of Video Marketing?” Importantly, Omar also discusses storytelling through content, and helps you think through crucial aspects of having and starting a business (i.e. would anyone event want this product or service?).  This may be the most important cast on this list! Find THE $100 MBA SHOW HERE




Author and founder Srini Rao, hosts this podcast about unconventional self-empowering ways to approach creativity. With over 500 interviews from artists, authors, thought-leaders, and other creatives—the Unmistakable Creative podcast offers insight into branding, storytelling and marketing. Fans have described this show as what would happen if TED Talks and Oprah had a baby! If that kind of validation doesn’t make you want to tune in, we don’t know what will! The cast delivers invaluable content through powerful conversations covering various topics around creativity (“Starting a New Chapter in Life and Business,” The Art of Living a Noteworthy Life,” “Turning Life’s Messes into Creative Triumphs,” and “Counterintuitive Lessons on Non-Conformity). Check this cast out, and as you look to grow your organization, remember that creativity is a must—you cannot grow without hard work and creativity. FIND UNMISTAKABLE CREATIVE HERE


Important Stuff:

  • The Podcast App comes with your Apple Device, and can be found for free download in your iTunes store.

  • Check HERE for Podcast Apps for Androids.

  • We’ll definitely be producing a few more “listicles” about podcasts, so follow us on Social to get the latest posts!



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