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June 20, 2016


So, at some point, I realized that I never properly introduced myself. I never told you about the woman behind our writing, posts, and blogs—me!


Here are 12 things I think are pretty interesting about me. 



WINTER CHILD WITH SWEET SUMMER BLOOD—I was born in Alaska in the mid-1980s, to two crazy kids from Tampa, Florida! Eventually, after Dad retired from the Army, I settled into a life of humidity, sunshine and palm trees.





BOOK NERD, AND DAMN PROUD OF IT—I’ve always been a reader, but my first memory of being selective, and exclusively loyal to a series is my slight obsession with Nancy Drew in the fourth grade. At some point, I think I set out to read every book in the series…and 100 books later, my mom made me donate my prized collection to a book drive. Things just weren’t the same between Nancy and me after that. These days, I’m mostly reading books on people, social trends and business—check out some of my personal favorites HERE.


MY LIFE IS NOT MY OWN, IT’S HERE FOR MORE THAN ME—I don’t know how comfortable I am calling myself an altruist, just because it seems like something you should let other people say about you. But, I will say, that I cannot go for too long without dedicating my time and energy toward the benefit of others. It’s just what I believe we’re all here for. God created each of us to help each other through this thing called life—it’s an act of gratitude and worship.


ASPIRING YOGI—And by “aspiring,” I really just mean that I would love to instruct yoga classes one day, but I’m not actually taking courses on how to do so. One day I will though, it’s on my bucket list—it HAS to happen! If you know anyone who can help a sister out with that, for a reasonable price—shoot me an email!



ART IS MY SACRED SPACE—It took me a long time to be comfortable with really calling myself an artist. I would say things like “I work at blah blah, and I write when I have time,” or “I’m an XYZ at bleh bleh, and I paint when I have time.” At some point, after the admonishment of several friends, I became more comfortable with the idea of embracing my artistry. So, I’m an artist y’all (southern girl!), I paint using oils, I write using wit, and I sing using a miracle. (If you can’t tell, singing is something I do, but it’s not yet something I’m totally comfortable owning). Every moment that I’m allowed to do either of those things, is holy.


CONSTANTLY SEARCHING FOR BRAIN WRINKLES—I once heard that every time you learn something, you get a new wrinkle in your brain. Well, my mission is get several new wrinkles a day.  I don’t think we ever stop learning, and I’m always seeking out new ways to grow, be and do better.


TYSON, IS A GIRL'S BEST FRIEND—My dog, a gift from someone who has long since been removed from my life, is so awesome! Tyson is just your friendly neighborhood Pitbull mixed with a little bark and no bite. He’s about 75lbs (he’s not fat, I think he’s part Boxer), and he’s the sweetest guy you’d ever want to know! If you’ve got good energy, it takes him about 10 minutes to become your best friend, if you’ve got good food it takes about 10 seconds.  As matter of fact, he’s staring at me right now, trying to figure out if I have any pancakes left…



BABY BROTHERS ARE THE CHILDREN I NEVER BIRTHED- Anyone who knows me, knows that my two brothers, who aren’t babies at all, but fully functional adult men, are my world! I was 8 when my parents decided to start having babies again, and I’m just as excited 22 years later as I was when I first out I’d be a big sister.  As my friend’s son said the other day, “my baby was in my mommy tummy.”


I EATS MY VEGETABLES—In January of this year, I decided to join a close friend in her annual practice of starting off the year with a fast. We participated in the Daniel Fast, and it was a challenge, to say the least. Well, after 21 days of eating a lot of lentil soup and spinach, I decided that I would continue part of the fast for as long as I can. So, I’m a vegetarian, but I’m taking it a day at a time. I still eat eggs and dairy, but “no flesh” as I like to say. Somedays it’s really tough, and I bread binge. But my reasons are clear to me, and it’s been an interesting journey… I’m always open to tips on how to make it through the rest of this year, so please share any!


I’M WRITING A BOOK—Several actually…that’s all I’ll say about this one. But as the entertainers say, I’m gonna drop that new ish on ya next summer! #Summer17 



DARING FAITH IS WELCOMED HERE—I’ve built a life in 3 different cities in the past 5 years. I left Tampa, set my sights on Atlanta and moved with no job, no furniture, but a lot of faith, and, of course, Tyson. From Atlanta, I moved to Miami, with no job, no furniture, but a lot of faith, and of course, Tyson!  My belief in my decisions, my belief in myself is at a high level, but nothing is higher than my level of belief in God. Sometimes I look back on the moves I’ve made, and I say wow, who does that? And I guess the answer is me, I do that. My latest example is landing on my feet with Jali Creatives, it’s been 4 months, and I’ve had challenges, and already made some pretty silly mistakes, but I just don’t see anything but success.  My Clients are amazing, and it’s only up from here!


COFFEE IS A RITUAL—One day, when I’m old and gray and have many wrinkles in my brain, and a few on my face, and my babies’ babies are sitting at my feet as I tell them stories, I’d love to own a little coffee shop on a beach somewhere. A quiet place where the locals come to bring liveliness and noise. Where the coffee makes you feel like you can accomplish everything you’ve been made for. And the shelves are lined with amazing coffees from all over the world, and books too. Until that day comes, I’ll settle for the little local places I discover around town. Each day, I make or buy a cup of coffee, and it sets my morning in order. It is, without fail, one of my daily rituals, and it sounds a little nuts if you’re not into coffee, but if you are, you know that the feeling of warm porcelain in your hand, and the smell of fresh roast, is both soothing and sacred.


So that’s a little bit about me. 12 things to be exact. I hope you enjoyed reading that, and thanks for making it all the way to the end. These are the things that inform my writing, and drive me daily to bring you useful content and tips on growing your business as I too learn how to grow mine.  I’m down in the ditch with you, on the mountainside climbing, and any other metaphor you can thinK of to say, simply, that I know what it’s like to create, learn new things, and look for inspiration from others. That is your story, and your story is important. Your story is part of your business, and if you have trouble writing your story, I’ve offered some great resources in previous posts! Check us out!


Follow my personal musings on twitter (@juanderful408,) where I sporadically tweet about TV Shows (Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead Franchise, and Scandal to be exact), good times with my friends, random thoughts and ideas, and the occasional sub-tweet.


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