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August 9, 2016

"There is only that moment, and the incredible certainty that everything under the sun has been written by one hand only." - Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist 



For many people, the act of writing is therapeutic. Writing gives you room to look at a situation objectively, to clarify muddled thoughts, and also allows you the luxury of communicating your feelings through emails/texts/chats—not having to deal with the consequences that can come with verbal dialogue. Writing is so powerful because words are powerful, and once words are written, they somehow become more real.  Author Amy Tan once said, “It’s a luxury being a writer, because all you ever think about is life.”  Writing has afforded us connection with the past, communication with the future, and brings us the richness and depth of the human experience. Yea, writing is pretty important, huh?


On the flip side, writing is not a luxury for some folks; it is absolutely terrifying and challenging! For some people, writing is a necessary evil—one which they would gladly pass on to those weirdos who seem to be so in love with words.


“I’m a numbers person.”


“I work best with my hands, I’m not good with my words.”  


“I’m just a no-nonsense kind of person, I don’t have time for all of those words.”


“I’m bad at communicating; I just don’t know how to say what I want I’m thinking.”-- THIS. This is like, the most common problem with a very easy solution: write it out! You can’t be wrong with your own ideas; they are YOUR ideas and thoughts.


Thoughts and ideas can quickly leave you, so it is important that take you take a moment to jot down what you’re thinking. To best articulate what your point is, write it down, read it aloud, cross it out, write it again, refer to it later. Try to visualize what you’re trying to say by reading your own words to yourself. This very simple practice can actually help build your communication confidence.


As for the “why I don’t write” reasons-- you name it, we’ve heard it.  So many negative feelings around writing, all associated with a lack of confidence in our writing abilities, and that is oh-kay! One thing we cannot deny is how essential writing is to our development, in business and as people. The awesome thing about writing is it can only get better the more you practice.


Tying all of this together, let’s revisit the blog title. This title started with the word “Maktub” which is Arabic for “it is written.” Maktub can be recognized in the very popular novel, “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. The novel itself is about faith in one’s personal fate and destiny (strongly encourage you to check it out if you already haven’t-- it’s pretty impactful!) Now, don’t you believe you have a beautiful destiny ahead of you? We believe you do because it’s true.


Whether you achieve your greatest destiny in the workplace or at home, don’t let your fear or disdain for writing hold you back. Try starting with a journal. Your journal can be used to record random ideas you have, thoughts you wanted to convey to someone else but didn’t know how, business critiques you didn’t think you had the authority to speak on, and can even be used to keep track of how much money you may want to spend it. Try to obtain a small journal that is convenient to travel on your person at any given time; kind of like your wallet or cell phone.  


Feel like a physical journal isn’t your thing because you’re always on the go? Try using the notes app on your cell phone or download a blogging app where you have access to electronically record your thoughts and ideas. Set an alarm (weekly or daily, up to you) to review what you’ve jotted down and develop those words. Referring back to what you’ve already thought of leads to development and implementation more often than not. Action leads to results and positive action results usually render success.


So-- I charge you today to take another few minutes and just write down something, anything, everything! Review it yourself or have a friend read it over and go to sleep knowing YOU have started a masterpiece or memo that nobody else has created yet. The best and likely most important part of writing is knowing that it is your work and absolutely nobody else has pieced it together; your writing is an original, every time. And friend, we’d like to think you’re pretty important and on your way to fulfilling your original, written destiny ;)


Happy writing!!  


Whitney J. Blue is a new creative on the Jali team!  She is an experienced creative writer, with a passion for old world wine and modern day travel. She currently looks to the amazing Tracee Ellis Ross for inspiration simply because her positivity is infectious and her success is admirable. Whitney also really enjoys food (like most people) and could likely survive off macaroni and cheese with hot sauce, if it came down to it. Strange girl but full of exciting ideas; fits right in here at Jali. You can find some of her musings and travels on Instagram at @adventurewithblue


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