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August 30, 2016


Here we are, the final days of August. Whew! This summer just flew right on by, didn’t it? While listening to the back to school radio ads on my way home from work I thought to myself,


“Do I need any supplies to stock up on?”


My first response to myself was to stop the mental shopping and stick to a budget but then I thought, why do I even need supplies-- for what? What goals do I have set for the fall?


Have you already mapped out your fall season or did panic mode just kick in? Take leadership and gain control of your next season by making smart goals-- like S.M.A.R.T. goals. 








So when deciding to start that new blog, business, or workout routine, make it very specific. When you’re too vast in your goals, do you realistically think you’ll get the results you want? When you get specific and make your vision as detailed as possible it becomes observable and measurable.


Measurable goals are attainable or achievable goals. Make sure when planning you find ways to make small accomplishments. Those small accomplishments add up and give you a sense of pride once you complete a task. Your happiness is important, shoot, my happiness is important! I feel that giddy, tingling feeling every time I make myself proud. It’s awesome and I love it! Who doesn’t like being filled with purpose and joy? It’s essential to our growth and professional development; especially if you’re one of those natural born leaders. Let your work and results serve as an example to those who may be in your circle or who look up to you. Your circle can be very impactful to your life so try to make sure your undeniable interest in each other is to see each other succeed in their own craft.


When entering your next season do you ever project what there is to come? Do your goals align with your work and it’s potential results? Does your goal serve a mission to contribute to society? Consider all these factors when determining if your goal is relevant. You don’t want to waste your time on too many aimless ventures; be the one to leave a mark!


How time-oriented is your goal? When is the deadline? How feasible is that deadline in allowing you to achieve what you set forth? Be realistic with yourself and current schedule. Leave time to give your creativity and ability to perform room to blossom. Be your best and give your best and certainly, you’ll master any smart goal you make.


Get to it!. If at first you don’t succeed, get up and try it again. Seek guidance. Find a mentor, and find the way to your success by any means.


Remember “the tragedy doesn’t lie in not reaching a goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach. - Benjamin Mays (mentor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Mays was also a significant mentor to civil rights leader.)


Reach your goals, your season is here!


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