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September 6, 2016


One of the things I hear most often among entrepreneurs is, “I took that leap, and really started find out all sorts of amazing things about myself.” Or some variation of that.


And what a lovely idea, that proverbially jumping off of a cliff gave you wings, taught you how to soar, showed you that you’re so much more of a badass than you ever knew… This is fantastic! An amazing feeling! I mean it…you hear choirs singing, church bells are ringing! 


And then it’s time to tell people all about your awesomeness… and you’re frozen.  If only these damn strangers who want to visit your website (to make sure you’re “legit”) would just meet you at your favorite spot for Happy Hour—then they would know!! They would JUST KNOW how amazing you are, because they would get the chance to hear your life story—who needs internet presence when you can have half off drinks and good conversation?


If only it were that simple…


To be honest, in this day and age, if you are an entrepreneur, consultant, freelancer, part-time moonlighter—whatever you call yourself—and you don’t have a website, or at least a few social media pages, you may as well not exist.  At least not to anyone outside of your current social circles and family members.


Have people built successful businesses without websites? Sure!


Have they done it in 2016…I’m less sure about that, but OK—let’s say “Sure!”


But I can bet you, those folks have reached (or will soon) a plateau in their business.


It’s just where we are now. The World Wide Web is the way of this great big world we live in. And with that in mind—you NEED TO HAVE A GOOD BIO AND HEADSHOT ON YOUR FREAKIN WEBSITE!


I’m not kidding—it’s not an option.  I won’t kick off my heels, stand up on my desk and jump around about it…but it’s true OK? It’s just true—trust me. I know these things. I do this stuff. Don’t play yaself, you need a solid bio and headshot.


Now that that’s out of the way…your first question is probably HOW? How do I write a strong bio for my website?


You’ve come to the right place my friend. Here are 5 Elements of a GOOD BIO:


#1- YOU’RE THE HERO. Everybody loves a hero, and this is your chance to shine as they guy or gal who saw a pain in the world and fixed it. Your startup idea, your small business savvy, your entrepreneurial genius lead to your business, and this is the moment you get to tell everyone about it.


#2- SO…WHO DIED AND MADE YOU SUPERMAN? I know, I just said you’re the hero, but you have to tell us why.  What made you go from Bruce to Batman? What experiences and qualifications have lead you to this moment?


#3- WHAT’S YOUR CODE? At the heart of your vision, what motivates you to succeed? What are your values?


#4- YOU’RE RARE. I say you’re rare, because as much as you may surround yourself with other entrepreneurs, your kind is not the norm. Focus on what makes you special, and include that in your bio. Do you give back to your community? Do you come from a lineage of professionals in your industry? Have you won awards for being a rock star in your field?


#5- KNOW WHO YOU ARE. This may sound obvious, but it’s at the center of your bio. Be comfortable with who you are, where you are and how you’ve arrived there. This bio may live on your website, your Linked In page, your company website page, a program booklet where you’re a speaker—be confident in what this says about you. 


Remember that just like you—your bio is living, breathing and always growing.  Set aside time at least twice a year to review your bio and keep it up to date. 


If you’re the founder of a startup, a small business owner, freelancer or if you work “for the man” at a company—a well-written professional bio is important to your success and shaping the world’s view on a key part of your brand—YOU.  


Remember--it's YOUR journey, it's YOUR story...so tell it, and tell it well. 

Head over to Jali's "Your Story" tab to download our FREE GUIDE on the steps you can take to write good content for your website's three most important pages! Your clients should know the story of you, the story of your business and most importantly, they need to know why you're the best fit for their needs! Click to download it and get started telling YOUR STORY, YOUR WAY! 



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