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September 20, 2016



People prefer to buy from people they know. Think about it, you don’t just stop at the Mom and Pop’s hot dog stand when you know you could have Pollo Tropical in the food court instead. Someone had to tell you “Yo- Mom and Pop’s lemonade is legit the best and the mom is the sweetest!” It’s all about support and loyalty. Everyone’s mom is the sweetest so of course, you’re swayed to support them over the coke machine at Pollo. When you know the story of all the mom and pop stands of the world, when you see and hear of their beginnings, you feel connected. Their story somehow connects with you and you create a loyalty to their brand. The take-away in that last sentence is “their story.” Being honest, relatable, and credible in your story is a huge building block in developing your brand/business. Below are some framework pointers in creating the business of your story--- 


Find out what your audience wants to know. Vet your crowd. Ask questions. Ask A LOT of questions. What do the people want and do you have what they need? I’m certain you aren’t telling your story and creating business just for yourself to consume. If you’re here to sell your products or services, find out how your audience gets their info, too. You’ve got to know where and how to reach them.

Connect the dots: your story and their needs. Once you know the questions, let your story provide the answers. For example, everyone wants the best quality but explain how you started and the importance of your quality of work. Let them know you’ve tried different methods, share with them your early on mistakes, and explain how you’ve made it better. Have an anecdote ready-- give them a quick, real life story with a point.

Back your story with data and research. Drop some statistics on them! When you tell your story, include credible data that helped shape your business. Don’t be hesitant to share the sleepless nights you had doing the research.

Visualize your story. Once you have captivated your audience with your story-- show them something to connect it all. Drop your logo at the end of your “about us.” Create a slideshow. Put a photo gallery on your sight. Include a photo of YOU: nothing gets more real than seeing the mastermind behind the story-line. You want them to remember seeing your story as much as they remember hearing or reading it.

When you’re telling your story, keep in mind there is "selling" and then there’s building your brand. Your story is what makes the difference. Which are you achieving? Now which is your goal? Ultimately selling your “product” is the idea but how you do it is equally as important. Telling your story can be hard and leave you vulnerable but it makes your business and your story REAL! The best stories are real. They are the truth. They are stories everyday people can relate to. Your story sets you apart; it captivates your audience and creates a sense of loyalty. Once that loyalty is established, you’ve created a new network to tap into and thus, expand your business’ reach. Great businesses thrive because of word of mouth so always make sure your story is worth telling.


Use these quick notes, find ways to make your consumers know you, and most importantly, make it your business to tell your story, and tell it right!


**Be sure to refer to our 7-Step Storytelling Guide for more story development tips. 

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