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September 27, 2016

There are about a handful of small business owners that maximize their consumer presence through social media. The varying platforms are growing every day with the development of new apps left and right but the major platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, Pinterest, and Facebook, are among the most viewed and they are the free ones. A smallbiz owner, entrepreneur, and really anyone in the business to grow, should be reaching their crowd through all avenues. Free media is the best because everyone is capable of viewing. Here is a quick list of 7 Tips to Boost your Business using Social Media:




  1. Create a Business Account- Separate your business from your personal pages. We all know and love our entrepreneur friends but sometimes we want to see just them or just their business ventures.  

  2. Choose Your Theme- Pick a theme and center your posts around that theme. Create your brand by sticking with a theme your viewers recognize as your own.

  3. Attach Your Logo to Every Post- That. Do that and don’t leave room for your viewer to wonder where the post came from.

  4. Post Original Content- Reposting is nice, but gets played out. Give your audience a reason to stop scrolling when they reach your post.

  5. Consistently Post- The best way to never miss is post is to make it a habit. Be consistent. Some of your viewers are avid social media users that look forward to those posts as regularly as you post them.

  6. Utilize Social Media Management Programs- We may not have access to social media at all times throughout the day. In effort to not miss the optimal time frame to reach your crowd, use a social media management tool. Use programs like Hootsuite, Buffer, MailChimp, and the like to disseminate information on your behalf.

  7. Get a Like, Give a Like- Let your followers know you’re real and you see their support. Give them the love in return for what you receive.

Apply these simple tips to your social media routine and watch your presence intensify. Tune in to our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages (@JaliCreatives) for additional posts loaded with tips to boost your social media presence, among other relevant topics! Happy posting, good people.

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