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October 25, 2016


So, your small business or nonprofit has finally started to take off. You have a couple of months of steady growth and you couldn’t be happier. Money is starting to come in, you’re able to finally treat a few of your ride or die supporters to lunch, then a few weeks pass and you’re gearing up to tackle your next projects. Oh crap! You notice your current projects are about to end in the coming months and your pipeline is looking slim. This is super scary BUT you can change that, right now. Promote your business! You should never, ever stop promoting but a boost is always a good idea. It’s way easier to say than actually do that, trust we know at Jali. There are millions of marketing companies that can service you but maybe your budget just doesn’t allow for them right now. But you should NEVER let the lack of funds hold you back. Still promote your business and obtain those new projects by reaching your audience in free to low cost promotion. Try these 5 WAYS TO PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS FOR LITTLE TO NO COST.



Everyone and their grandma is on social media in some way nowadays. Everyday people use it to not only find an online platform to stay connected with their network, but they also use it to search for different businesses and service providers to meet their needs. Social media is now a necessity for all businesses (big and small) to get their name out there and keep it afloat. Especially because simple posting is free, it is an investment you just have to make. To reach even more people outside of your network, look into paid ads on platforms like Facebook (as little as $5/day will get your ad circulating) and Instagram (similar pricing available) for inexpensive promo. Don’t forget, Twitter is still thriving and is free to use, and you can run ads here too! It is a direct link from you to your customer.



A way to highlight what you’re doing and how your business is making a difference is to create a blog. People love to what you’re doing all the time. Following your blog will create a connection that may lead to their consumerism. Use your blog to keep people updated but also to advertise to them. Incorporate your services offered as many chances as you get (without being overbearing.) The key to a successful blog is to keep it updated and consistent. A dormant blog will very quickly be discarded.



Multimedia is a great way to engage. Create a promotional video that also incorporates an ad with clear information of how to contact you for business. Periscope is a live stream where you can broadcast exactly what you’re doing at that time. Try streaming a day in the life of your work or even stream your business at work for engagement from viewers.



Dust off your MailChimp and draft that email. Social Media may not be your consumers’ speed so reach them with email. Daily, weekly, and bi-weekly emails keep readers. You must be consistent. Though readers may not read every message, eventually a title will catch their attention and they will open the email. Be sure to have quality and variance in content in each email otherwise this will be a bust or seem spamming.  



Community centers and coffee shops are still great ways to be involved and present in your local community. Print an ad/poster and ask to stick it on the cork board in these places. Leave a quick snippet of your business and leave your contact information in the ad. Local supports local so be sure to mention that in your printed postings.

The great thing about all of the previously mentioned methods is that they are free or of very little cost. Don’t let your budget restrict your ways of reaching your target crowd. Get creative, reach the people where they are. At Jali, we use social media to our advantage and it is still proving to be a very useful tool for promotion and gaining new business, regularly (we're growing guys!) We hope you use these tips to help grow your business because we love to see our people flourish in their dreams. Come on y’all, let’s get this business and make this money- not spend it!

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