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November 1, 2016



          There it goes. Head spinning and my mind quickly finds the “Exit Here” sign and peaces out. Instead of reading platforms, my mind escapes to the sandy beaches of Hawaii, where I plan to vacation next. Getting focused, I begrudgingly push the sticky topic most people don’t want to discuss: politics. We must have this conversation. We must speak up. When I think back on debates, as election day nears, I wonder if this is all a joke or a real-time truth? Our society has turned one of the most impactful times into entertainment. The memes may be funny but the truth lies in our candidates. We must make a choice because no matter what, someone will win and take control of our country’s growth and direction. So who are you voting for? Better question, what are you voting for? The power held in each vote determines our daily livelihood. Though the national election of presidency is most publicized, local elections make a noticeable change right in our communities, also. So I ask, how can you make this country better?

  • Start small to see a big return! Vote on issues in your community.

  • Ask all the questions you need to ask to find the direction you’re seeking.

  • When you find clear answers, take action. Action is what makes the change.


Those aforementioned tips apply the same as they do in business. Daily, we find ourselves tied to what some politician is going to do for us, for our country, but let’s not solely rely on others. Words are heard but ACTION speaks louder. What actions do you take? We challenge you to be a resourceful citizen. Find a way to contribute, honestly and forthright, to our communities and your efforts will strengthen our country. From a business perspective, we need to know our rights and limitations. When it comes to developing our business, being well informed is key in what bills and political leaders you support. You don’t want to go voting and implement a new tax on your company ignorantly. Same applies to local laws. Know who you’re supporting. Understand their moral compass plays a role in their decision making and trust your candidate you stand behind. Your opinion of how your world works matters. You can voice that opinion through your vote. We believe it is important to stay informed on all changes and implementation in policy, new leadership, and laws. Where do you find this information?

  • Check your city or county’s website. Tons of links to resources here.

  • Stay glued to the local news. Listen for opportunities where you can meet with your local officials and learn more in regular city council or town-hall meetings.  

  • Keep tabs on Twitter and other news driven social media for headlining news updates. CNN, MSNBC, among other major networks keep an updated social media account for major alerts.


How does this relate to small business, entrepreneurship, and writing? Let’s start with your most powerful tool: your voice. Freedom of speech wasn’t free and it takes voters to keep the laws and our rights in place. If we want to keep our freedom, we have to vote. I’m going to vote because it’s my duty to have an active say in my government. To some, my single vote may seem small but it is greater than what the ballot says. My vote is used to fuel change. It puts my country one step closer to my ideal operating government. It’s my means of expression. If I want to create my own story of my business and the mark I leave on the world, I would like to know my legal rights and limits so I can abide by them. More importantly, I want my business and my story to make effective change. Angela Davis said something heavy when she said “I am no longer accepting what I cannot change. I am changing what I cannot accept.” Wow. That right there lit the fire! What happens when I’m silent in times my country needs me? “What ifs” can be a bottomless pit so let’s stop there. Don’t sit idly by and flow with the election outcome. Know you did your part. Let this blog urge you to use your voice NOW, not later. Election day is NEXT TUESDAY Nov. 8, 2016. Early voting is going on right now. Get informed, and get to the polls; we’ll be there.

We are not persuading your vote; We are encouraging you to vote, period.


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