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November 22, 2016


Cold, very cold. Pitch black outside. Asphalt paths start turning into gravel and dirt. It’s 5am and you’re just getting off the road, pulling in from a 9hr road-trip. That gas light has been on for the last 32 miles. Every major gas station has been closed as you pass by. All you’re trying to do is get home to your family’s cooking for the holidays. Finally, a gas station that is open. Not only is the station open, but the owner offers you a free coffee for your long haul when you went inside to pay. In turn, you decided to buy Mr. Bill’s Banana Bread on sale at the counter to pair with your cup-o-joe. See, the gas station owner also makes and sells his banana bread at his station along with local markets, he says. So, your free coffee just earned this small business owner a few banana bread dollars. Talk about community.


This Saturday, 11/26/2016, is warmly coined “Small Business Saturday” in which everyone is encouraged to support a small business on that day. Whether to drive sales of a product or service, or simply use the day for marketing, this day is anticipated by small business owners across the nation. Originated by American Express, this shopping holiday has done more than make the money. Small Business Saturday has created a beneficial exchange for all involved. There are many ways to optimize this day and we hope you all do your part in supporting your community of small businesses.


Support Local-

Everyone likes having their hand in making their local community better. Even more so, locals like supporting other locals. Be sure to promote the local aspects of your brand. Tell your story of how you started and gain some business from your community neighbors.


Buddy Up-

Use this time to cross promote with others. The best part about small business is we can all make it to the top. Find businesses with a related mission or interest as yours and help promote their business while pushing your own and ask them to do the same.


On Site Goodies-

If you have a physical store or location, we suggest offering refreshments, music, and maybe even photo ops. Drive people in your spot by showcasing the good time everyone is having inside. For those who have e-commerce businesses, create a raffle and issue small e-giveaways or gift cards.


Social Media Buzz-

Create a social media campaign for promotion. Use a catchy hashtag and encourage people to snap pictures, post, and hashtag while supporting you. You can even have a live stream on Periscope, SnapChat, Facebook, or Instagram on Saturday. Show others the good time and awesome deals they may be missing if they don’t come in. Doing so will create FOMO (fear of missing out) and drive some more people to your business.


Guest Cards-

While commerce is important, keeping it touch is equally heavy weighted. Have guest cards or a simple email sign up sheet available upon entry or checkout to gather names of consumers. Keep that contact list and use that network as your target market for future business. Also, send everyone a ‘thank you’ for supporting.


Those are just a few helpful tips we hope you apply to your Small Business Saturday. The beauty in us being content creators at Jali, is we love learning and promoting the stories of

so many of our clients. Like Mr. Bill at the gas station, our clients are truly ROCKSTARS! From nonprofits to youth development to entrepreneurs, our clients offer great opportunities, quality products, and trusted services to keep our economy pushing along. We hope you all support your friends the way we at Jali will support our own. If you’re a small business owner looking for a little help with your message delivery, feel free to reach out to us. I’m sure we’ll be glad to get better acquainted with your business’s story. Happy shopping this weekend!

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