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December 13, 2016



Over a decade ago, I was star gazed as I dazed off at a sorority show on my college campus. The excitement and high energy spread through the crowd like a wildfire. The women who pledged this sorority stood with values for service, scholarship, and sisterhood- all principles in which I believed in. I was captivated. From that day, I met with, admired, and learned from these women as they helped shape my future personal and professional decisions. Some of these women have become leaders on the national level all because they chased their dreams and worked together to do so. The sisterhood created a bond that couldn’t be broken. A bond that allowed for critique, brainstorming, praise, and implementation. The results of work through partnership and teamwork has been astonishing and inspiring. One sorority member in particular truly took me under her wing and has served as both a personal and professional mentor and "big sister" since that fateful day. She allows me to bounce ideas off of her and digs deep to help me find my fullest potential- even when I think I already have it figured out. Her input is invaluable to me and I constantly have gone to her for direction. Her brain is just this crazy creative hub! Yes, we have our own great ideas and can very well succeed on our own, but how much better is it when you have two brains, not just one?


Having a partnership in business can yield great results. Let’s go over some helpful pointers I’ve learned along the way to maintaining a profitable and healthy business partnership.




When you started developing your big idea, I’m sure you had your own methods in mind. When you bring someone else into your development and implementation plans, understand they don’t share the same exact brain wave as you. While you both may have been in sync on a surface level, know your partner may work differently. Instead of butting heads, demanding change, or only pushing “your way”, communicate how you’d like things done. Offer suggestions, allow input, and schedule meetings where you both discuss and break down each idea.


Empower and Enable-


Believe in who you chose to do business with. Let them know you are there for support, advice, and ears to vent to. Encourage them to give their best and be their best. While you empower, enable as well. In order for your partner to perform, you have to allow them after you empower them.


Dual Delegation-


Partner: you are not doing this alone. The plus side to having a partner is to share the heavy workload you encounter as a small business owner. In those planning meetings, be sure to end with action items that you each are assigned. Have these items shared so you can both hold each other accountable for completion. Delegating tasks makes the load much easier (and more efficient) to bear.


Don’t Avoid Yellow Flags-


Liking your business partner as a friend is totally separate from loving them as a working player. If you notice the work isn’t getting done the way it should, or even if there is a better way, address the issues before it’s too late. A business split can be hard on all parties involved so the best way to avoid that is to attempt to correct a problem before it grows beyond control. Quicker the action, the quicker the fix. At the end of the day, you should both understand that it’s all about the profitability and proficiency of the business endeavor.




When a good job is done, offer praise. The support and acknowledgement can go a long way. Serve as each other’s biggest fans.


Have Fun-


You could have chosen anyone in the world to be your business partner but you chose someone fit for the job and someone you like. After the work is complete, be sure to have fun! Find time to let loose every once in a while and remind each other why you should be thankful to work with someone you enjoy.


Those are all key lessons I have observed and learned on my own as an added partner to a wonderful, community serving business like ours. My CEO, Juana, believes in me and that is enough motivation to serve as best I can with what I have. Jali Creatives strives to provide each client and potentially interested party with quality content, trusted reliability, and 100% creative effort at all times. As partners, we hope to do all we can to give the best product, all ways, always.


If you are a small business owner interested in our services, please reach out to us here and we will be in touch. Have a wonderful day.

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