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December 20, 2016

       Your stream of creative juices can only flow if you let your guard down. In such a competitive world of comparison, and public displays of success, anything less than is criticized and ridiculed. That may seem unfair, but such is life. However, do you ever just wake up and think "Man, I want to quit my job and start designing shoes/writing comics/selling coffee/become a masseuse?" What stops you? The fear of instability? Sacrifice of comfort? All of those things you can overcome with tenacity, planning, and follow through. What about the reputation you built and risking it all among your friends? Are you afraid of being that friend in the group that has nothing to talk about at happy hour? 


I've been that friend. Do NOT let the societal standard make you feel inferior. Like many things in life, everything has a time and place. For a while, my time just hadn't come yet. It's here, oh believe you and me my light is shining bright and I refuse to dim it just to fit into some ideal space of where I should be as a 29 year old professional. I am pursuing my dreams of the written and creative arts--- and I'm letting go of anything that is holding me back. Your time is here too. You're reading this. You're already open to the idea of chasing your dreams and if nothing else, I hope our story and our inspirations at Jali Creatives motivate you and serve as support for your dream chasing. That's what this life is about; feeling fulfilled and reaching our highest potential. There is one exercise in particular that has become ritual for me when beginning the journey towards achieving a new goal. 


The Promise Plan-- 


There is nothing new about this plan. It's been around as long as people have had thought. However, I have made a promise to myself to do this when my ideas are so big that they scare me. We are all allowed to recognize the fear of the unknown but don't you dare live in that fear if you plan to succeed. This simple 5-step "promise plan" (as I so simply named it) has actually helped me realize a few dreams; one being my role as content manager for Jali. 


1. Write down your apprehensions- 

          Nothing in your mind is real until it is written. The most tangible method I could think of in getting rid of my fears is to write them down and throw it out. Once you put that pen to the paper, let out all of your fears and apprehensions. All of them. Don't miss one. 


2. Toss that paper- 

          Your fears are now live- you can hold them, see them, even read them to yourself but they are there and now is the time to toss it. There is power in watching you "crush" your fears and throwing them out. 


3. Write down your dreams-

          The pivotal turn in this practice is to write down your DREAMS. That's right. The first step to making them real, as real as your fears, is to write it down. Hold on though- don't toss, neglect, and never read it again. Write and read your dreams over and over. Remind yourself of what you have set forth to do. "Your playing small doesn't serve the world."- Marianne Williamson. Write that quote down, too. Keep it in mind if you ever doubt the magnitude of what you're doing. Seek to change the world with your gifts and purpose. 


4. Say them out loud- 

          Find someone, anyone, and read what you've written aloud. Put it out into the universe and be sure someone else hears you speak. I have found this to be the MOST effective in my path to accomplishing my goals. I feel a sense of responsibility when I know someone other than (yet including) myself can hold me accountable. 


5. Go for it and never look back- 

          Never. Never look back. What you are working towards is not living behind you. Move forward and become relentless in pursuit until you achieve what is desired. You must always follow this rule. One step back for comfort will never outweigh the glory of two difficult steps forward. Believe in yourself. You got this. 


Use these rules to your benefit. They are simple. The hard part is execution. Find your passion and pursue it. You deserve it. This is your time. Now is your season. Release your inhibitions.










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