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December 28, 2016


Honestly, how many of you follow your personal resolutions? Kudos to those who do and for those who struggle with checking off their lists, well, we feel you. It can be tough to stick to a list made to last a whole year. However, I am totally that girl that continues to encourage new year resolution lists. This is an awesome practice where we can write down all we want to accomplish and hope the list keeps us on track. One area of life where I have noticed my own new year resolutions being accomplished is in the professional department. Jali Creatives, LLC., not only went live this year, but also flourished in ways we didn't imagine. From small contracts to contributing the content and assisting with marketing for major events and organizations, we have really surprised ourselves in 2016. Though we could get be content with our accomplishments, we instead focus on creating more goals for next year and working toward better results. One of our biggest goals: create more quality content to market. Have you considered this as a goal of your own business? 2016 put us out there, but will 2017 help in making us known?


When it comes to your business, your brand is one of the most important parts. Your brand is essentially your promise and commitment to your customer. You must protect it at all times and if it is of quality, you should consistently be marketing your brand. But what is a brand without content? Below, we have a small checklist to help you when analyzing your brand content over the past year.


Did you…

  • Articulate, write down, and perfect your brand message?

  • Share your brand message with employees, clients, and potential clients?

  • Integrate your brand in every corner of your business' content?

  • Create a tagline/motto for your brand?

  • Use a consistent template for brand image/information postings?

  • Stick to a color scheme/design theme?

  • Remain consistent in weekly, daily, or hourly postings? 


With checking off all of those things, do you think your brand put you out there? Throughout this year you may have separated your brand data quarterly. Have you compared the exposure from each quarter? Did you obtain more followers? Sign new contracts with new clients? Has your brand marketing helped your business grow? If the answer isn’t yes to all of those questions, you have to do some revamping. Find where you fell off. A great place to start is with your content. If you can track the performance of your brand based on your content, you can begin to modify your message there. 63% of the B2B marketers in the Content Marketing Institute’s annual Benchmarks, Budgets & Trends research report said their content marketing programs are more successful than they were the previous year. 

Those who noticed more success with their content marketing likely used a content marketing agency that curates their unique marketing plans. The strategy to marketing your content is important but with even the best plans in action, it will be futile if you aren’t marketing quality content.


Quality content is relative. Even in 2016, there is no set standard for quality content across the board. What may work for another company may not work for you so don’t fall in the comparison trap. For example, a restaurant might want to market trendy content to get relevant within their market. A new watch company might want to stick with a more clean, classic theme for content to pull in their market. Learn and use what avenue works best for your business and build your content from there. If you find you are having a hard time coming up with content on your own, ask your network for help. Ask them what they like, what turns them off, and use that information to shape the content you create or the content you hire someone else to create. Be true to your brand and you’ll never get lost.


Be consistent and be true and you’ll see the numbers increase. This year, Instagram pulled in even more small businesses and brands, including our Jali Creatives account. 48.8% of current brands are on Instagram. By 2017, this is predicted to rise to 70.7%. This is an avenue all brands should explore when marketing their brand content. Reach as many people as you can with your brand content! Make yourself known. If you are keeping your content fresh and in circulation, then keep tracking it's impact on your following. This year was quite the year (presidential election, launch of major music festivals, world olympics, etc) and has been documented through content shared on many different platforms. Your content is representation of your brand and you should always want the best depiction of your business out there.


So, we encourage you to review your brand content for the past year. Applaud yourself for milestones you reached and create new, improved goals for 2017. When it comes to content, trust those who are consistent and partner with them to grow your brand's voice and presence. We hope this year turned out well beyond your expectations for your business (and personal life.) The only way to go up from here, is to continue to put ourselves out there in the coming year. If you need help with your content, you know where to find us. Happy New Year to you all!   

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