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January 3, 2017


 “Throwing out your vision board might be the best idea ever,” said a non-dreamer. Actually there is an entire article on www.PsychologyToday.com giving reasons as to why a vision board is useless. I, however, completely disagree. We have preached about the importance of writing ideas down, creating schedules, journaling your experiences and learning lessons. All of those practices are important in actualizing your goals but may not work for everyone. You know those people who learn best by reading and writing? Journaling probably works very well for them. What about the folks who have photographic memories and are a little more illustrative? They probably do better with drawing or taking pictures of their goals. It’s not enough to simply say or write things down for some people. Creating a vision board might be a great idea for those with ambitious goals that somehow get pushed to the back of our mind from time to time.


How does one create a vision board?

Creating a vision board is such a fun and exciting process. You’ll need magazines, scissors, adhesive, marker/pen, and a poster sheet or board. You may need to visit pinterest.com to see what other vision boards look like. Use other boards to evoke inspiration! Cut out words and images that are in your goal list (wedding, new job, launching start up, eating healthier, sleeping more, etc.) Try to keep all images and words positive. Instead of saying “stop being fat” use “get in better shape.” Remember to be kind to yourself, you’ll look at this vision board for a while. Once you’ve pasted all images to your board, hang that bad boy up! Ideally you’ll want to place your vision board in a place that you look at often- maybe your home office near your desk, your nightstand, or a general space you frequent. What’s the sense of creating the vision board but hiding it in your closet?



Is there any evidence that it is legitimate?

Well, if you’re asking is there science behind the effects of creating a vision board- it’s arguable. The premise of a vision board was based on The Law of Attraction. This is a New Thought philosophy that has received praise over the years. It basically means that “like will attract like.” So if you are creating a positive vision board, you should expect a positive return. It’s really all about your mindset and applying your mindset to everyday habits, including goal setting. Stay positive!


How will a vision board help you?

A vision board can help in reminding you of your goals when you forget them. It can inspire others when they see it as well. It is also a tangible display your creativity and should offer a positive light and help in tracking your working toward goals. Essentially, it’s your visual blueprint!


Now that I created my vision board, what do I do?

Look at it every day. Don't cross things off your board until you've accomplished your goal! Feel free to take pictures of your board and tag @JaliCreatives on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter so we can check out your good work.


"Visualize this thing that you want, see it, feel it, believe in it. Make your mental blue print, and begin to build." -- Robert Collier.

Happy Vision Boarding!

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