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January 10, 2017


Your plan failed. You feel a meltdown coming on so you pull out your stack of notes; searching for where you went wrong. You feel yourself getting overwhelmed with doubt and concern. Stop it. Ditch your traditional 30-day content strategy plan and work on your one-page strategic plan instead. Seriously, do you ever find yourself trying to put together a dresser from IKEA and immediately get frustrated? There are tens to hundreds of pieces that are required for one small desk to come together. Though their tedious step-by-step instructions will allow you to build accurately, wouldn’t it be nice to have a one page list of instructions? Apply the same idea to your content marketing strategy. Take out all the minuscule pieces to the puzzle and simplify. Find a way to consolidate your tedious strategy steps, make it big and plain, and execute seamlessly.


But before consolidating, have you sourced your problem? Earlier we described that instant panic attack and the first thing most do is look for the problem. That’s not really a bad thing. It’s encouraged by many business leaders that you conduct an annual audit of your content marketing strategy. You want to be certain that your strategic investments are aligned with your business’s mission and goals.

"What do you mean strategic investments?"

Well, what are you spending your time on? The marketing you do is the investment. If you are posting daily inspirational infographics, you’re invested in that method of marketing for your business. Same applies to any other method of marketing that you choose to practice. So let's go over 7 parts of a one-day strategic content marketing plan. 


1. State your content marketing purpose.

Why and what content are you marketing? Be specific. 

2. Do a SWOT analysis.

Strengths. Weaknesses. Opportunities. Threats. Identify all of these with your current strategy and use this analysis as a tool in finding your problem. 

3. Profile your market. 

Who is watching? Who is buying? Once you can figure out where you market lives (social media, coffee shops, conferences, personal network, etc.) you can then learn what they like, where they find it, and what it takes to get them to commit. 

4. Identify your resources.

Those who are in your network are the best to go to first. Have an accountant pal, ask them what spending habits people in your ideal market have. Have a buddy who is a local leader in your sector, ask them what motivates current buyers. Have your "resources" review your content and ask what about your content moves or doesn't move them. 

5. Take action.

Simple as that. You've asked, you've learned, now do. Rewire your marketing strategy in this step. 

6. Track all data.

Any increase in awareness, engagement, and sales should be tracked. Compare to previous reports and adjust where you see fit. 

7. Reassess regularly and continue to grow!

Always. You should never stop monitoring the growth of your business. If you can't get the people to come, it could be your content.


As professionals in the content arena, we strive for *almost* perfection every time. We want to be certain the right ideas were articulated and visualized for our clients. Your content is your representation before your product/service is purchased. Let's make it GREAT! 


So, don't let your strategic content marketing plan fail you. Find your problem, make it simple, and get it solved. We hope this method helps you grow so that we can all win together! After all, this is your story, your way. 






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