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January 18, 2017



This is that time of year when America is reminded of the works of Martin Luther King Jr. His mission of being against discrimination in action and pursuant of equality across all races is honorable, necessary, and inevitably has been life-changing for society as we know it. I assume when he developed this notion of equality and justice, he didn’t just think of what he wanted to see and it appear. He had to come up with a strategy for change and it needed to be executed for results. In those planning phases, his implementation of strategy was a vehicle to execution and change that we get to live, freely, to this day. When you get past the magnitude of MLK Jr.’s movement, you can then relate to him in regard to how you create a method to receiving the results your small business or nonprofit may be desiring.


Let’s go over our way of implementation with a current content marketing strategy--


Are you Aligned?

What is the vision of your content? Content is only as good as the marketing tools you use to get your information out there. Albeit, you don’t want to market mediocre content just for the sake of marketing. You have to plan ahead and be certain that your mission is evident in your message. If you are aligned already, then what is the ‘wow-factor’? Take this chance to elevate your content. Keep in mind, your content is guided by your clients. You want to know your audience. Know the voice that catches their attention and make it reflective of the tone you have set for your company. Your message, when aligned with your company mission, will make more headway than a message you simply put out as a “one size fits all” message. Don’t be afraid to be specific.


When is the Time?

Now. Well, actually, it’s whenever you have finalized your strategy map. What is it you’re trying to accomplish? What is the time frame you are allowing for tracking results? Be clear and firm on a time frame. Once you realize the level of effectiveness, you can modify your strategy and then implement the changes.


How will you Measure Effective Results?

Execution tracking. Every time you execute an implementation action point, mark it down. Record all data regarding dates you implemented a strategy and the effectiveness. Include all data regarding whether your strategy implementation is working for your business or not. In the case of tracking- all data is good data. I would suggest sticking closely to a strategy plan for three months to give it time to work or not.  

Ultimately, you want your vision to make it through. The strategy behind the marketing of your vision is so very important. Implement your strategy as soon as possible. Great content and strategy warrants positive results of increased site traffic, awareness, and sales. To incite a change among your respective industry, be as authentic as possible and implement asap. The ball is always in your court when it comes to organic content marketing. If you find that something isn't working, ditch it. You don't want to waste time on strategies that are ineffective. Use your data, time, and content wisely when implementing your content marketing strategy. If you have other questions of how or when we implement strategies for content, give us a shout; we'd love to hear from you!


Have an awesome and productive week folks. We look forward to hearing from our valued readers and supporters.




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