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Black Female Content Creators- Owning & Shaking Up the Narrative

January 31, 2017

The world of content is such a colorful place. You have all of these vibrant personalities displayed through the works of content in a global marketing and creative space. It doesn’t stop there; content is just as important and diverse in the corporate setting. The stories and content they create or tell are captivating because of their skill and passion. Because writing is an art practiced by all people, rarely are we highlighting who they are. While #BlackGirlMagic has become a popular new hashtag (that we love to use), we want to take this opportunity to spotlight some influencers and touch on their contributions in this deep sea of content leaders.   


To start in the corporate world, there are three of the top 50 women in digital marketing who are ladies of color that we will talk about. Ramona Collins is an experienced social media, digital marketer in the retail & sports industries. She has 15+ years of proven success in social media, digital marketing, strategy, sponsor & vendor relations, strategic planning, execution, and promotions. She was a former powerhouse for all digital marketing for America’s favorite: Sam’s Club. Marchell Gillis is also a content and social media maven. Per her LinkedIn, Marchell is “able to bridge the gap between traditional marketing, public relations, digital communications and social media… to encourage customer brand engagement.” That’s right, she can help you boost brand presence which in turn should gain you loyal customers! Small businesses, check out her big business practices. Then there’s Beverly Jackson, the VP of social media and content strategy for MGM Resorts International. Not only is she using content to fuel the big luxury resort vehicle of MGM, she previously served as the senior director of social marketing of Yahoo! Way to represent, Beverly.


In the creative space, we have #BlackGirlMagic all over the place! Starting with Issa Rae- Writer/Director of the Awkward Black Girl Youtube series that evolved into the award nominated show Insecure. She is a pioneer of the millenial “do it your way and watch the success explode” group. She wrote content that turned a remarkably successful youtube series into a show on acclaimed HBO network. Right alongside her, one of my personal favorites, Zim Ugochukwu stands. Zim(ism) paved the way for the nomadic, remote working lifestyle by bringing awareness and showcasing vivid photos on Instagram and captivating blog posts exploring international travel for black people with Travel Noire. She has turned content from her experiences into ‘TN Experiences’ which offers travel packages for solo travelers to discover new places in a group. Talk about a dope business! Safe to say from the craze of Travel Noire, everyone I know soon had their eyes opened up to new places to visit but some couldn’t seem to come up with a payment method. Here comes the rising new travel hack star, Rachel Hill. She took her time in corporate America to drive her exit and then entered the travel business. She has over six years of experience as a digital marketing project manager. Using her skills, she capitalized on glitch fares by sharing the news with others through ‘Rachel Alerts’ from her business and blog for trip-planning with Rachel Travels. I have personally benefitted from a glitch fare she announced and made my way to Dubai for $177 ROUND TRIP. Talk about a steal! She has been featured as a guest lecturer at General Assembly and has a great network consisting of other major young, nomad, and black travel groups. Then you have Renae Bluitt who developed a space, “In Her Shoes,” blogging about women leaders in business. We'd like to think she did this in effort to keep us in the loop of the amazing accomplishments of black women and those who simply use their content as a marketing and business success tool. Thanks Renae for using your voice to enlighten us of what girl power is looking like in our communities. Now, I know a lot of this may seem overwhelming, so check out Alex Elle with her self care content that you can find on her social media platforms and blog. She helps us find inner peace through loving ourselves and has published some poetry and self help books along the way. Way to keep it zen, Alex.

We can go on and on (and on and on and on) spotlighting amazing black women and their accomplishments but those mentioned have surely shown us the power of true, honest, strategic, and purposeful and profitable content. It can push you up the corporate ladder and pave the way for your entrepreneurial ventures. Before you even think to back out, believe your content is worthwhile. Use your passion to fuel your work and use skill and strategy to make it beneficial for your business goals. We love helping with content creation so if you’d like a consultation or heck, if you even want to learn some content tricks of your own, check out our storytelling guide or email us with questions. We hope you feel as empowered and ready to represent as we do. These ladies are few among many giants that confirm this is OUR story! We have come into the content world to shake things up and own it! #BlackGirlMagic, we see you, love you, and appreciate you.  


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