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Maybe you're wishing you had the time to write your own content, or maybe you just wish you had a professional to look it over. We'd love to hear from you and see if we can be of service! 

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February 8, 2017

When did your creativity die? Seriously, when? Was it 7am right before you got ready to go sit at the desk of the job you spent 4 years in college to learn about? Or was it at happy hour, on a Monday, because that’s how spent you feel at the end of your oh-so-busy-first-day of the week? Lately, I find so many of my friends in entrepreneurship and small business letting their feisty, unique, vibrant personalities go dim because they simply aren’t feeding their creativity. Some have recognized their zeal slipping away while others are in complete denial. Personally, I never envisioned a life behind black suits and a fancy corner cubicle. I always imagined that I’d be somewhere watching flowers in bloom, kids fighting over the swing, and my husband out there cutting the grass of our vast, countryside front yard while I sit on my porch swing, baking in the warm spring sun all while writing poetry that would one day be published. None of those dreams have come true for me yet, but that’s because I have so. much. work. to. do. What about you?


What were your dreams before you signed that contract for your current role? Did you want to write a book? Run your own award winning marketing firm? Or did you have goals of rising to the top as an amazing business consultant? Whatever you wanted to do- start brainstorming and working on it now! The only way you’ll satisfy your desire to be successful on your own terms is if you do it on your own terms. Issa Rae, one of my new favorite humans, said it best, “...the world is mine because I’m in control of my own vision. Everything I put forth is going to be received in some way.” That’s the same concept we carry at Jali- everything we put out is going to be received in some way. Every bit of content- good and great - will be picked up by somebody. We want to make sure you understand the same applies for content you create for your business.


After attending a webinar on the importance of visual storytelling (check The Idea Center in Miami, FL), I learned a few key components in content and storytelling and how that ties in with business. Most important lesson- your visual story is most captivating. According the Idea Center, in the year 2000, the human attention span was at 12 seconds. In 2013 it was down to 8 seconds. That means you have all of 8 seconds to capture the attention of your market. Keeping things aesthetically appealing, short, sweet, and to the point will likely pull in your next interested patron. So, what content are you using to do that? Start with story making, then move on to story visualizing, and seal the deal with storytelling. The story I told you in the first paragraph of this blog didn’t do much for you until I visualized the setting. Using character and imagery writing techniques I was better able to get my point across. Same thing with Issa- she started with a story then visualized it to short, sitcom style web series. Just from her starting something so small, yet attention grabbing, she was able to pave her own path and landed a grammy award winning HBO series that she wrote, directed, and produced all on her own before being noticed. So, what’s the story for your business? Take these three parts (taught to us by The Idea Center) and apply to your business’ story and use it for your own marketing purpose later.


  1. Story Making- market discover, goal setting, buyer personas, brand experience.

  2. Story Visualizing- videos, images, mixed media.

  3. Story Telling- visual social networks, digital signage, storyselling, data storytelling.


If the hard part of that is coming up with the copy or content, seek a professional’s assistance. If paving your own way, using your own creativity, requires you outsourcing for someone to articulate your thoughts into words, give us a call or email. We’d love to have a hand in helping you bring your creativity back to life all in effort to help grow your business. We want to see you succeed the same way Issa Rae did. Now, let’s hear your story…


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