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February 14, 2017


Are you a peacock or chicken in the coop? Sure, we all want to think our ideas are the best but are they really? The quality measure of your content must be derived from a source other than yourself and your close tribe. What do your outside viewers perceive your content to be on the quality scale? Today, we aren’t going to bog down on “how to measure the quality of your content by asking x, y, and z.” Let’s talk about how to survive a saturated market-- a real issue at hand. 


Evergreen Content will save your life. But, what is evergreen content?


A vast field of lush greenery in an oasis in the middle of the Mojave Desert- evergreen. It’s organic, unlike anything else, and stands out amidst anything unlike it. Evergreen content isn’t a modified duplicate of anything else. Yea, it’s hard to create something that nobody has done already but if you truly stick to your product and your goal with your content, you should be making evergreen content. “Standing out in the deluge is harder than ever. Even for established publishers it’s tough. For beginners … it’s a nightmare,” - Aaron Ordendorff of Copyblogger.


As a beginner, here are some tips for creating evergreen to content to help you stick out—


  1. Start Honest- don’t fabricate for attention, people see right through it.

  2. Lose the Gimmicks- you like a gimmick? No, nobody really does.

  3. Get Inspired- read a book, visit a museum, people watch in the mall. You never know when or where inspiration for something truly organic may strike.

  4. Believe in Your Content- if you don’t, well you know the rest…


Ok, so you know what evergreen content is now, but what if you don’t know what all content entails? Total online content including emails, landing pages, product pages, podcasts, and social media (Aaron Ordendorff.) All of your content matters. When you sent that email, better believe someone who read it checked out your website or your Instagram right after. People want to verify that what you're saying is consistent. This consistency creates a line of trust already, simply by putting out original, unchanging content.


So, what else could be considered timeless content?



Well, though sticking to trends will get you noticed, will it make your image last? In some instances, trends are cool. They are catchy, witty, and popular. They also fade away with time the same way Nokia cell phones did (loved my clunky, pink face plates for my high school celly!) Keeping that in mind, use trends to your advantage but know when to stick to your message. Make it original. 


During your quest to create great content and survive this saturated market, we stand as support and a resource for you. Ask us whatever questions about content you may have. If you’re a small business or nonprofit organization looking to expand your current content catalog and management, shoot us an email. We’d love to sit down and get to know you, your brand, and come up with a blueprint to help your content soar and make it through the masses. Happy Tuesday! Happy Valentine's Day!! Love ya, mean it.


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