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February 21, 2017




Every day you wake up, get to work, and probably check your Facebook for notifications. When was the last time you checked for prospective business? Most current, successful, small businesses have a social media presence. If you want to take advantage of a large market, you can start with Facebook. Hear us out- your most committed customers are on Facebook. If you don’t believe us, then you’re missing out on a huge margin of potential business. After researching and analyzing all major social media platforms, we’ve learned that “Facebook dominates as a source of social traffic and sales." Shopify, an ecommerce site that allows you to set up an online store for your small business, surveyed and found that nearly two thirds of all social media visits that convert to commerce come from Facebook. Plus, an average of 85% of all orders from social media come from Facebook.” (Shopify.com/blog) Knowing this information, let’s help you capitalize on this opportunity to market your business. Use influencers.


How do we get business in front of committed customers?

  • Identify Influencers

  • Target Influencers in your market

  • Reward them for their testimony regarding your product/service

  • Get them to advertise for you through Facebook status shares


Influencers are typically people with a large, active following on their profile. You could say celebrities are influencers, but so are everyday people like ourselves. Most of us have that handful of friends that know everyone! Those “social butterflies” have a friend list that is larger than your student loan amount. So, take advantage of that leverage if you have it. Use their status to benefit you both.


How to find them?

  • Align key words descriptive of your product with interests

  • Facebook has “interests” grouped into the following

    • Hobbies and Activities

    • Entertainment

    • Business and Industry

    • Sports and Outdoors

    • Technology

    • Shopping and Fashion

    • Food and Drink

    • Fitness and Wellness

    • Family and Relationships

Take note of influencers in those groups and begin marketing to them using buzzwords and relevant hashtags in your posts.


Offer them your product/service samples. If they are a fan, they’ll likely rave about your business. Word of mouth is still the most trusted form of advertisement out. The thing is, you want to make sure you’re creating Facebook posts that describe your product in the best way possible.


How to lock them in-

  • Use content that plainly describes why they will benefit from you

  • Create incentivized events with captivating content

  • Reward them for their hand in your marketing efforts.


With the power of influencers, you can watch your business really grow and boom simply from the world’s most used social media platform. With quality content, you can certainly begin a journey into Facebook for business and using that to generate more sales. We all want to make it (and make it big) for the sake of our passion projects, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations. If you find your difficult task is creating quality content, check us out. We’d love to learn more about your needs and find a way we can best help. And if your content is super dope, we'll be sure to like and share your story with all of our friends! See ya on Facebook! 

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