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February 28, 2017

When I wake up, I turn on Spotify and get hit with that 30 second ad-video for 30 min of ad-free listening. While sometimes they are clever, by the time the first song plays, I already forgot what was being advertised. Sometimes I wish I had a tangible item with the ad on it to look at later. Perhaps that’s old fashioned marketing but it still works. It is important to ask yourself, “have I utilized the old tactic of print media for marketing?”


While it may seem outdated and less present, printed marketing materials are still very impactful in reaching your potential consumers and clients. Yes, an online presence is necessary these days to effectively reach the millennial and modern day people who use the internet frequently but, what do you do to stay visible once the technology is turned off? For some, word of mouth is enough, but I’m a visual person. I like to see, hold, and feel things to remember them. When I’m going to order from a restaurant, I don’t remember a thing the waiter says, but seeing the physical menu in front of me really helps. The content on a menu absolutely makes my decision making easier, especially when there are images to partner with descriptions.


Below are a few suggested printed materials to consider making for your business in addition to your online content:


  • Staggered Brochures

  • Note Cards with Information Points and Space for Note Taking

  • Wallet Sized Information Cards

  • Booklets with Stories of Your Business along with Services Listed

  • Newsletters to Post in Storefronts (Coffee Shops, Bookstores, Wine Bars etc.)

  • “Hardcover Magazine” for your Waiting Lobby with your Business Story and Pictures


The “Hardcover Magazine” is my favorite. It’s like a printed photo album but every other page has a small story, description of services, or listed reasons their resources are important. It offers as a reading piece to keep customer attention while they wait in the lobby or at the register of your store while you prepare to meet with them or complete a transaction. With the photo album affect and catchy copy on every other page, it definitely gives a good visual and is tangible for people to hold and talk about.

So imagine hearing a radio ad for the newest coffee shop in Wynwood and then seeing coasters in your local bookstore for said coffee shop, and then having a booklet or hardcover magazine to read through about that coffee shop. You’re more likely to visit the coffee shop now that verbal, visual, and printed marketing materials have reinforced the ad and call to action they are pushing.


Our usual routine of online content management goes a little something like coffee shop, canva, mailchimp, and hootsuite. With some of our new clients however, we are finding we are creating more printed marketing materials lately. From staggered brochures, to content for flyers, to note cards for events, we are creating a lot of copy for content required to print. Our clients have wanted to leave something with their current and potential prospects so they aren’t forgotten. We notice it creates a lasting marketing effect and totally dig that it’s keeping us busy with creating content for their printed needs. Have you thought about it yet? If you’re leaning that way, take a minute to check out our site to see how we can help. If you have resources for your printed material and are simply looking for someone to articulate your thoughts into words on paper, we’re your answer! We’d love to help keep print media alive while helping your business grow through creative, and carefully articulated content. Looking forward to more story telling business with YOU!

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