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March 7, 2017

Being soft and gentle has only gotten me so far. As a matter of fact, it has landed me stress from being ignored, anxiety from being misunderstood, and frustration from being treated less than any boisterous man that commands attention with his larger stature and deep belly laugh as he pushes through any board room. So what gives? No, I don’t believe I have to be the snarky woman boss that gives little light and love in effort to compete with the big boys. I can still be that boss and be polite. I can command respect, but in a different way. One lesson I learned early in life, is that only one thing truly matters when getting respect for your work: the quality of your work. A teacher told me once that “whatever I read on that paper is black and white. It’s not drenched in fragrant body spray, dressed in a suit and tie, and it’s not masculine or feminine- it is well written, explained, and illustrated work.” So in light of Women’s Month, I want to offer some facts, tips, and question about how the girls-next-door are owning their place in small business.




Women-owned businesses make up 36 percent of the country’s businesses. We continue to exceed the national averages according to the U.S. business census.

Women-owned firms generate over $1.4 trillion in sales.

Women-owned businesses employ over eight million people. (only 2% have more than 10 employees and 89.5% have no other employees.)



Successful women-owned businesses have varying business marketing models. One thing is for sure- they don’t miss a beat! To avoid being left behind:

  • Use good content.

  • Develop an executive board of peers/mentors to guide you in the direction of your unique mission for your business.

  • Incorporate relatable pieces (stories in your business’ about me page, resources you used for women, highlight women leaders who attributing to your own business success.)

  • Find ways to include the women in your reach through reflection in your mission statement, newsletters, blogs.

  • Compare your content to that of other business’ that are already successful (men and women alike) and see where you may need work.

  • Gauge the quality of your business’ content by analyzing marketing stats gathered from your analytics of reach on your marketing platforms.



Where does your business currently rank on a the scale of success? Have you invested in the development of content that your business is currently disseminating? If you haven’t, what’s stopping you?

As women business owners, we want to see each other thrive. For Jali especially, we feel honored for each client that hires us on. We feel most privileged when we are providing content for other women entrepreneurs like ourselves. In all ways, we want to be inclusive, men and women alike. However, there is something very authentic we feel when working with our sisters. We understand the tough nature of breaking through ceilings and if only in one way, we hope our content aids in that. Jali was birthed by a woman who saw a need. We aren’t going anywhere until we feel our mission to tell the story of small businesses is met. For the girl-next-door, we are here to climb to the top with quality work. After-all, nobody sees YOU when they are reading your WORK. If you haven’t invested in a content writer, we urge you to give it a try. Exceptional content can catapult an average marketing plan through the ranks by being noticed for good work.

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