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March 14, 2017

Hey, lady- have you tried our latest organic, oil absorbing facial butter? Seriously, it soaks up all the natural oil your face builds and in turn moisturizes offering you that “summer glow.” Doesn’t break out skin or break down your pockets with a low cost of $27.99. It lasts practically forever!


How easy of a sell is that? Natural? Organic? Low Cost? No, we aren’t selling facial butter by Jali (might be an idea for the future! kidding…) but by simply using the right words, for the right market, we can show you how you’re able to pull in a potential sell by reaching the buyer with her emotions. Notice I said ‘her’ emotions- that’s right, let’s talk about how to persuade the ladies with the purse power.


85% of dominant buying power is held by women through both purchases and influence. Typically, expressive women like to showcase a good deal they’ve made via their social media. I do it and it's safe to assume you may do it too, for a really awesome product. If the product was worth it, your business has the potential to receive free marketing from these influencers. That right there is how you turn paid marketing into a free marketing by-product; have an influencer speak on behalf of your product. But, how do you lock in that female buyer/influencer in the first place?


Listen and Learn.

Use Emotion.

Make it Practical.

Make it Exclusive.

Make it Worthy.

The aforementioned bullets points are basics in the marketing game but still apply. When it comes to women, they seemingly hold the power in their purse. So listen and learn what it is women are wanting. We are currently on the all-things-organic trend so use that to your advantage if applicable. Find words and images that allow your content to tap into the emotion of the women in your market. As a woman, I can attest that I am sometimes an emotional shopper. Hello- retail therapy! Though I like to shop, like other women, I like to keep my purchases practical. Not everyone is out here trying to spend all of their coins just to be exclusive like everyone else. However, if you can find a way to market your product or business as practical yet exclusive, it makes the purchase all the more worthy. Buyer’s remorse is a terrible feeling and may keep your product from moving if those who have already purchased don’t feel it was worth it.


So, when marketing your product, be honest always, as descriptive as possible, and find a way to reach those with the purchasing power. Having majority of the (purchasing) power sure does feel good, doesn’t it ladies?



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