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April 11, 2017



Your content doesn’t work and we’re about to explain why.



Wondering why your content isn't working for you anymore? We have a few good reasons to share below: 


Proofreading takes too much of your time, apparently.

When you were typing the title of your latest blog, we’d like to assume you didn’t mean “How to ‘Poo’ to the Next Level of Your Career” Leaving out the F in the word ‘SHIFT’ that you probably meant to put in your blog title COMPLETELY changed the message. Can you imagine if you never caught that typo? That is lasting, permanent damage there buddy.  How many other words in your content have you read over and missed? Misspellings, incorrect syntax, and overall grammar errors can absolutely wreck your content game. Not only is a typo an annoyance, but you could lose credibility as having a professional website or copy if there are simple mistakes. It is very important that you have an extra set of eyes review before you post or market anything. If you are a one man show- that is easier said than done. You don’t have to have a partner for total success but perhaps you should consider hiring someone to simply proofread all of your written, hard work.


You are A-Ok with your current profit.

You don’t care if your company could make an extra few dollars if you’re already meeting your financial goals, right? Um… no. Who doesn’t want to earn more money and create booming success for their business? Your content may have brought in the first few waves of customers but if you are noticing a plateau in your numbers, now is the time to analyze why. We suggest spending a good amount of time reviewing analytics of conversions on your social media sites. You can narrow down if it’s the timing, the content, or the target audience that isn’t working. If you don’t analyze, you could be creating content that simply reaches a blackhole: wasting your time and effort in composition and not reaching new clients.


You only market heavy when you notice a decline.

If nothing has rocked the ship, you’re still sailing and you’re happy about that. But any ship can sail… in circles. Don’t catch yourself always saving dead content. Once you’re trying to create jaw-dropping content in effort to save your company’s name, you’re already a step behind. Stay consistent in creating and posting. Constantly updated content will keep you fresh and attract the eyes of a new target audience member, always. Grab your content manager and go over your posting schedule and tweak it if you need. The whole point in this is to stay relevant, keep buzzing.  


While those are just three major reasons your content isn’t working anymore, there are a ton of other factors. You should always have checkpoints of the performance and progress of your content marketing. The only reason we can think of that would keep you from improving the quality of your content is that you like to settle for what you already have. We all know that isn’t true. Hopefully this article was a quick reminder of things to change and make better in effort of having success from your marketing content. Think it might be a little overwhelming for you to keep up with your company content? Well, Jali Creatives is always here to help. We’d love to talk with you more if you think you may need our services in the future. Check out the services we offer or just shoot us an email with a quick blurb about how we can help you. Now, let’s get to making your content bigger and better than ever!!!




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