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April 13, 2017



As a small business owner, it can be incredibly frustrating – and costly – when the content you’ve spent your time and resources creating falls flat among consumers. For startups and boutique businesses already operating on a tight budget or under limited support, this can be the nail in the coffin of even the most potentially viable enterprise. However, things don’t have to go south if content isn’t well received. Reworking your content can work for you and your business, but HOW?


Reworking your content will not only give you an opportunity to create content that can grab attention and attract new clients, but it also gives you a shot to ensure that your business is sending the right message. Doing so may take some work, but it’s not impossible. Following these steps can get you – and your content – moving in the right direction without costing you a fortune.


Rally the troops and regroup


Sometimes, it’s not a matter of the content not being “good” or effective; the content can be TOO focused or too related to the interests of the business owner(s). The use of things like jargon, profanity, colloquialisms, and inside jokes typically don’t resonate with the general public. The main key of reworking your content is to make it CLIENT-FOCUSED, which caters to the consumers you and your business are attempting to reach and ultimately serve. Gather your business partners and employees and simply brainstorm ways that your content can become more client-centric. Consider asking open-ended questions like “Where exactly is our content falling short?” or “What do clients truly want to hear from us?” that may provide a bit more clarity in your content or even inspire additional ways to sharpen your message and the content you create. Working as a team of one? Consider reworking your content by inviting TRUSTED stakeholders, supporters, clients, and even investors to speak honestly about your business’ content and how you may or may not be currently reaching your client base.


Retest the waters


Once you’ve refocused and redeveloped your content, don’t be afraid to get back out there and see what clients and consumers have to say about your latest efforts. In recent years, social media sites have become the PERFECT (and brutally honest) sounding board and test space for budding businesses, practitioners, and CEOs-in-training. Use popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to share new marketing materials, a polished mission statement, or even a new company motto. Feel free to even share about how your original content may have failed to launch and invite clients or those who may be curious about your business and your brand to offer ways to better reach them. After all, isn’t the best way to give the people what they want to ask them what it is they’re looking for?


Hire a professional



With the daily stress and demands that come along with running a small enterprise, developing or reworking content in house can be an added challenge, or literally impossible. In such a case, don’t be afraid to entrust your brand, product(s), and service(s) to an entity that can handle your content curation needs. Even if you’ve given it your best shot, it may take a fresh, outside set of eyes to see the vision of your small business and share stories that bring clients your way. Copywriting companies, like ours, specialize and pride themselves on being able to come in and conceptualize your company in an honest, relatable way that stays true to both you and the audience you have in mind. If you’re ready to revamp your content and want to rework it, reach out to us and let us handle your next attempt at quality content that resonates. As many a small business owner will advise, it’s much better to outsource than to find yourself out of business.


Well, we certainly hope this helps answer some questions on how to fix your "broken" content. Cheers to progress and positive returns! 


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