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April 19, 2017


Why should I invest in creating a Visual Story for my business?


Let’s start by first defining a visual story- A visual narrative (also visual storytelling) is a story told primarily through the use of visual media. The story may be told using still photography, illustration, or video, and can be enhanced with graphics, music, voice and other audio. (Wikipedia.com)


Got it? Ok great. Now, let us explain to you how visual storytelling is exposing our brand and how it could do the same for yours.


Sometimes we can struggle with our content and marketing efforts not converting our audience into clients. In regard to our content, we constantly evolve in effort to reach our audience where they are. Yes, we want to sell you on our writing services, but not everyone wants to read about that. How do we capture the attention of our audience then: through images- both still and in motion. The human brain actually processes visuals and images 60,000 times faster than it does with decoding text. Pair that with the short attention span we have as humans, visual storytelling might lend to being the most effective form of marketing content. Besides, research shows most buyers are being reached through visual story.




According to research done by MDG Advertising, up to 14% more views are generated by content that contains photos when published and views can jump to 48% more views when photos and videos are paired together in the content. Infographics, memes, and blog posts can go viral when enough people ‘like’ your content on social media and once you’re viral, the business should start to increase. If the goal is to increase brand/business awareness through visuals, we have to be sure the content is quality. In the infographic we created below, you can find a few helpful tips on effective visual storytelling through images:



Some my own new favorite brands have been discovered because a friend of mine ‘liked’ their post and I saw it on my newsfeed. Almost always, the visuals I liked were clear and not pixelated, weren't too busy with image and words, and overall the visuals made me feel more connected to the message than reading a post or status update. It’s amazing the optimization that comes with visual storytelling. You can best utilize social media platforms to spread your new visual content and you can even incorporate visuals in your email campaigns and newsletters that you send to your internal audience now. Instagram and Facebook are both prime examples of where you can best disseminate your materials and for us, the exposure through visual storytelling has been great. Some content I’ve seen has been so compelling that it’s made me feel emotions that I wouldn’t have otherwise felt if I only read the material vs. viewing it visually. Great visual stories can create an experience for the viewer and experiences that are remembered can be powerful for decision making. 40% of users online will provide favorable responses to visual content over plain and text-based content. Detailed images, they can get up to 67% of your audience’s attention. The next time you are working on your content plan of action, consider using visuals to aid you. It will add dimension to your marketing and engage more future (claim it) clients and consumers. 

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