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April 20, 2017




When it comes to you and your small business, how can getting visual work for you?


The answer: better than you think.


Adding targeted, focused visuals to your business’s content cache can not only help you better showcase your products and services – doing so will also help you better connect with the clients, investors, and potential employees you may be trying to attract. Just like pairing a face with a name helps us remember those we interact with, pairing great visuals with content and products helps consumers remember brands and businesses that SHOW and tell their stories.


So how can you and your business get visual? Following these helpful tips can put you well on your way to getting noticed by the right sets of eyes.


Focus your visuals: Just like with written content, it is incredibly important to develop a strong idea of the types of visuals that will allow you to effectively tell your story and get your point across. That said, don’t be afraid to ask the questions that will help you settle on the right visual elements to include in your content. Will your audience respond to the use of gifs and memes? Would video posts help you connect with the consumers you’re targeting? Can infographics or charts help you get your point across on social media sites? Answering these and similar questions will not only help you keep your business goals in mind, but doing so will also help you identify the best ways to make visuals work for you and your brand.


Start small: Adding visual elements to your business’ content doesn’t mean racing out to hire a photographer, videographer, marketer, or public relations staffer. Take what you know about your business’s story and infuse photos, short video, and graphics that you can produce in house. Thanks to smartphone technology, you can even create a number of visual elements used to convey your brand’s message and story In just a few minutes with a few taps of your fingers.


Get visual!: Once you’ve chosen and created visual elements to help you tell effective, on-brand stories, it’s time to start using them to reach your audience. This does not mean adding gifs to every blog post or flooding your social media feeds with video clips day in and day out. Use the visuals you’ve developed and created to supplement your written content…or as unique ways to share moments and stories without overwhelming your audience. Creating blog posts? Break up heavy text with the use of gifs, free stock photos, or even personal photos that authentically represent the products and services you provide. Drafting a social media post? Consider adding a quick video clip or graphic to help get your point across while giving your clients a glimpse of your ability to tell and show your story.



Following these tips will help you build a strong visual storytelling foundation that you and your small business can continue to build upon as both of you grow and evolve. We at Jali Creatives look forward to seeing the unique, engaging stories you’re able to share and we urge you to reach out to us to help you unlock the success of getting visual if you’re unable to do so on your own. We’re here to help!

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