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April 27, 2017



Avoid the social media stress-out.


For many users, using social media is a pretty risk free no-brainer — a rather simple and free way to claim a small part of the vast Internet for themselves while voicing their likes, dislikes, and opinions. But for most small businesses — especially cash strapped and short staffed ones -- sharing the story of a brand can be like screaming at the top of your lungs in a large, crowded room already filled with millions of voices.


Between social media saturation and the influx of companies and brands attempting to use various platforms to reach consumers, it can be all too easy for a small business to get lost in the Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat shuffle.


However, using social media doesn’t have to become another daunting task on your business’ to-do list.


Making social media work for you and your small business is definitely possible, but it takes some focus and dedication to effectively reach your target audience. These do’s and don’t’s can help you develop a social media presence that accurately represents your business while extending your brand’s reach and impact.


DO chose the right platform(s) for you and your business - Based on what you know of your existing or future client base, is Snapchat the go-to app to tell your brand’s story? Should you be using Instagram to show off your products and services? Different platforms also offer beneficial tools (Facebook ads, Twitter Analytics) to help you market your business and track your social media success, which can save you a bit of money and unnecessary worry.


DON'T overshare - When posting, keep your content engaging and earnest, but also concise. Don’t feel the need to test Twitter’s 140-character limit or try to add full paragraphs to your snaps. Use curated social media posts to share your small business’ highlights and happenings with your audience — while leaving room for consumers to visit your site or storefront for more of what you have to offer.


DO interact - Studies have shown that consumers are much more likely to patronize and support brands that engage with them via social media. No matter which platform(s) suit your audience, your effort means NOTHING if you’re not reaching users or retaining a following. Develop conversations and relationships with those who follow your accounts and give them reasons to stick with your business on social media.


DON’T be boring - Social media profiles and pages that represent your small business don’t have to be so stodgy and dull. Remember to infuse personality and color into your content that authentically represent what you have to offer. Stock or standard posts are sure to get scrolled or swiped past in much less time than it took you to schedule them. Let your organization’s goals, mission, and values NATURALLY shine through and don’t be afraid to get creative.


DO take your time building a following - When it comes to WHO follows and supports your branded content, let your following become organic and purposeful. Paying for followers, aimlessly following others, sending mass friend requests, and bombarding the web with asks to follow your business’ social media accounts isn't the way to build a supportive — and potentially lucrative — following. Remember that social media accounts are a digital extension of your business and take the opportunity to connect with similar businesses, mentors, emerging brands, existing clients, and influencers who could represent your brand. Even when it comes social media, go for quality over quantity. 



Committing to the professional use of social media can mean more than just likes; page views can soon translate into actual income for your and your enterprise. Keep in mind that these concepts will involve a level of openness, patience, and persistence as you work to build your small business’ social media foundation. Of course, Jali Creatives is here to support your growth and is capable of helping you tackle your social media needs from conception through curation. 


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