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May 4, 2017




For centuries now, we’ve been assured that “the pen is mightier than the sword”. The adage speaks to the power of words and, believe it or not, that power lends itself to each of us — small business owners included.


When I first started writing and curating content for blogs and brands, it was difficult for me to channel the power of my written words and my ability to reach people effectively. In fact, the thought of drafting each post made me anxious, insecure, and like I would be wasting the time of site visitors who expected better.


Sound familiar?


Often focused on the nuts and bolts of their businesses, many small business owners fail to recognize the power of branded content.


When it comes to creating content for your business, sharing your story can do more than sell a product or services. The power of your story can engage and impact your clients and audience more than you can possibly imagine. Your story can, at the very least, connect you with your audience and, at most, allow you to educate, empower, and encourage your audience to do more than just spend their money.


How can I educate my audience?


Educating your audience is possible, no matter the focus or specialty of your small business. Whether you’re sharing a recipe, defining a new industry term, or debuting an innovative tutorial, your words and ideas can teach your audience something new. In fact, experts believe that sites and entities that educate users in the digital space tend to retain a greater portion of their traffic and followers than those that don’t. Each time you create and launch new content, make it your goal to impart at least one tip or lesson that will stay with site visitors or social media followers and keep them coming back. I learned through my experience that even referring the audience to a new resource or a related post could be the catalyst for discovering a new product, service, or skill.


How can I empower my audience?


Authors, leaders, and educators use stories to empower their audiences day in and day out. You don’t have to be the next Oprah, Deepak, or Iyanla to do the same. As a small business owner, take advantage of your ability to use your story to truly connect with your client base and empower them through your experiences. Don’t be afraid to authentically share your successes, failures, your celebrations, and your shortcomings – you never know WHO your content could be inspiring. When I’ve been open and honest with readers in the digital space, the transparency has yielded so much support, constructive criticism, and affirming feedback that it made me want to keep creating content that truly connects me to readers. Endearing storytelling resonates and can embolden current and potential clients to invest in you and your business while investing in themselves as well.


How can I encourage my audience?


Each of us knows the power of an encouraging word. For a moment, think of a time someone told you “Keep going!” or “You’ve got this” and how the sentiment bolstered your confidence or literally kept you going. By committing to sharing your story, you have the power to inspire and support those who support you and your endeavors. Analytics and metrics may measure audience engagement, but trust me, they shouldn’t be your only concern. HOW you engage with your audience can and should be your measure of choice. Use your content to digitally pat your clients on the back or to gently push them closer to their goals or dreams – whether via a personal blog post, a video diary entry, or a inspirational social media post.  


Still a growing small business with a small staff? Encourage your audience to grow with you and even share their stories via comments, product reviews, or even features on your business’ site or social media platforms. No matter how big or small the effort, the power of your story can change lives.



Whether your story makes your audience laugh, cry, or anything in between, don’t underestimate the power in sharing it. Owning that power is the key to unlocking a consumer connection that can last a lifetime. You don’t have to let the anxiety, insecurity, and uncertainty that affect each of us keep you from telling your story.


If you find that the urge to share your story is there, but honing the power to execute it isn’t, feel free to reach out to us. Jali Creatives is here to help you share your story and realize the power of your content!


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