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Maybe you're wishing you had the time to write your own content, or maybe you just wish you had a professional to look it over. We'd love to hear from you and see if we can be of service! 

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May 16, 2017

For me, it’s therapeutic. For me, it’s the equivalent of an iced Cuban coffee at 2pm right before my next conference call. For me, writing has saved my brain from the mundane. The fact that people trust me with the vision of their business is not only an honor but a task that many aren’t built to handle. Don’t get it twisted- I’m honest enough to admit I wasn’t born with this gift of vast grammar knowledge, but through my passion for reading and writing I learned the value and necessary skills required to properly convey someone else’s ideas into clear reading. I had no idea I would find my place in the writer’s world, professionally. I mean, I’m a people person-adventure loving-don’t know how to sit still for more than five minutes kind of gal. Sitting at a desk all day used to make me cringe but writing- writing is exciting! It keeps me engaged and my job isn’t done until those who read my work feel the same. My goal is to grab your attention and hold on until you read my very last sentence. I want my readers to feel what I’m feeling and leave me comments like “OMG that is EXACTLY how I felt!” or “I cannot believe that happened” or “I can’t wait to try out (insert product/practice here) for myself.” I want my readers to be more than verbally or visually engaged, I want them to react.


In this business, I know my role- I’m the writer and the connector. I am not the operations manager, I am not the graphic designer (yet), and I’m certainly not the CFO. So, as a business leader, do you know your best role? YES- you CAN do it all but will that be best? Be honest with yourself. Having a dream to start your business and marketing it is great. Having the right words to say when you market is essential. I won’t drag on much longer but I do want to share a few reasons why it is important to have a content writer. If you know you aren’t a good writer- you will miss the mark every time.

1. What takes you 1hr takes a professional 30min--

You know what they say is true; practice makes perfect. Don’t waste time trying to create content when you could be perfecting your product or following up on services already rendered. Focus on customer satisfaction while the writers focus on bringing you more customers.


2. They can reach an audience outside of your current audience--

It’s easy to have blinded tunnel vision on your audience- especially when you really know exactly who your target is. As a writer, you definitely want to attract the perfect match in an audience, but you also want to broaden that reach with the untouched crowd you might have assumed to be uninterested. Well written content will tell a story and everyone loves a good story. Give your content writer the freedom to pull in new clients with their words/your vision.


3. Real stories from real writers create long term, trusted value--

When you were looking at content marketing and copywriting companies, you likely checked out their credibility. The same goes for those who read your business’ blogs/social media posts/descriptions on your business’ web page. People trust credible sources of information so give them exactly that!


4. Interesting stories create conversions into website clicks--

The more engaging the story, the longer I’m reading, the more I’m checking out, and the higher the chance I’ll revisit your website. If the story a business is telling can be better read as an infographic or bullet style list, I’ll look for that and ditch the write up. A good content writer creates content that lures and hooks the reader, not pushes them out.

Hiring a proven content writer can only add to the value of your business, your mission, your goals. Everything about hiring them is to service and assist you toward success. Give yourself the break you deserve and delegate your tasks! Allow yourself the time to focus on priorities while your content writer articulates the ideas you have into words. The goal is for us all to succeed in our own ways using our God-given talents. We see you shining, keep it up! Your team has your back, promise. 




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