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Maybe you're wishing you had the time to write your own content, or maybe you just wish you had a professional to look it over. We'd love to hear from you and see if we can be of service! 

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May 18, 2017


A content writer is the secret weapon of a small business


As many small businesses and new brands are developed, there’s often an integral position that’s left unfilled, if even addressed at all – content writer.


Tasked most times with conveying brand stories both textually and visually, a content writer serves as an expert storyteller for the organization. Countless experts and business insiders have discussed at length how important a part storytelling plays in brand building. As a result, your content writer tasked with sharing your story becomes a valued asset in your small business’ success – the storytelling secret weapon in your small business resource arsenal. But would you believe that so many companies and brands still don’t believe in the value of employing one?


From experience, I can confidently tell you that hiring a skilled content writer or quality content marketing agency not only elevates a brand, doing so changes the future of a small business. Quality copy, imagery and audience-focused content will increase engagement, brand reach, and, ultimately profit.


Not convinced? These three insights might just convince you to add to your team.


A content writer can tackle more than just Facebook posts – Having someone handy to tackle your content needs can help you cut costs and, in some cases, avoid having to outsource your marketing, publicity, and public relations needs. Many of today’s content writers and curators wear a multitude of creative and professional hats – often allowing them to lend their expertise to more than one of your business’ potential professional needs. The right content writer can draft social media posts, but also press releases, memos, product descriptions, short stories, and blog posts that showcase the great things that make your small business unique and worth the attention of the consumers you want to reach.


A content writer can help you get the WORD(S) out – a content writer is typically dedicated to ensuring that the story of your business and is properly represented while getting the word out about special offers, sales, events, new products, and the like. If you ever find yourself knowing what you want to share with your social media followers, or what information needs to go on a flyer, but can’t seem to find the right phrasing you’re not alone. Many companies – large and small – tend to encounter this and other similar issues and it’s often the job of trusted, talented copywriters to come to the rescue. Believe it or not, a professional Jack (or Jill) of all trades who understands the power of the pen is a priceless investment that can ultimately shape the success of a brand.


A content writer can help keep you (and your business) in check – For a lot of small business owners, a heavy focus on market trends, sales trends, and just staying afloat can take attention away from the business’ mission or overall goals. Luckily, because it is often their job to become immersed in the employing brand and its audience, content writers can help owners keep their eye on the prize when distractions dare to get in the way. In my personal content curation experience, consistent check in’s with CEOs and directors have allowed the both of us to develop valuable content while staying true to the brand’s identity and target demographic(s). Consider your content writer an additional accountability partner able to keep you and your business on the right track as you work to sustain and grow your small business enterprise.


Just like a baseball player can’t bat his best without a good pitcher at the mound, your small business can’t be its best without a good, solid content writer working to effectively share your brand’s story. Remember that effective brands and businesses are built on effectively told stories. How effective is your small business currently? Could the addition of a content writer take your brand’s image to higher heights? If you need help getting your point across to the audience and clients you’re trying to reach or find that you need additional help when it comes to creating content that counts, let Jali Creatives be your small business’ secret weapon when it comes to your professional content curation needs.


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