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June 1, 2017

Blogging Business: 3 Blogs Small Business Owners Should Be Reading



It’s said that the best things in life are free and, when it comes to resources for small business owners, the same goes for resources to help keep the dream — and the enterprise — going. In this age of startups, the booming gig economy, and corporate folks going rogue, the internet is rife with blogs developed to offer small business owners a wealth of insightful advice and helpful tips to keep things running smoothly. 


Whether you’re looking to work out workflow kinks, amp up productivity, looking for freelance assistance, or you’re just trying to cultivate your beginning brand and its look, these blogs are well worth your time and your clicks. Be sure to bookmark these bad boys, because they’ll definitely keep you coming back.



Trello- Affiliated with the free, organizational lifesaver of the same name, the Trello blog holds major keys for any business owner or employee. With a focus on workflow and productivity, content created by fellow users and the people behind the online interface touches on every aspect of business you could think of — including topics like shipping, remote work, and networking — that will help you keep your small business on the rails. If you choose to sign up for a free Trello account, links to selected content, Trello add-on’s, and insider tips from the company’s spokes-dog, Taco, will be emailed to you directly to help you make the most of this resource and your buisness’ most valuable asset — your time.


Women 2.0 - Though geared towards women working in the tech industry, Women 2.0 offers a variety of content and resources that any small business owner can benefit from. Started by two women back in 2006, the 11-year-old brand also offers a newsletter that’s worth the read. In addition to the company’s main site that features posts covering investing, fundraising, business building, and industry equality, Women 2.0 also has its own Medium site  that offers more personal stories and anecdotes from women entrepreneurs and business insiders whose girl power turned them into girl bosses. Like many of today’s blogs aimed at those who are their own bosses, Women 2.0 also offers boasts a newsletter filled with inspiring and encouraging content perfect for those moments when being a small business owner doesn’t look or feel the best.


The Do List The aptly named counterpart of digital freelance marketplace fiverr is guaranteed to help you mark a thing a thing or two off of your own to do list. The blog not only offers top-shelf entrepreneurial tips, but it also offers the success stories of other small business and gig enterprise owners who get honest about how they made it against many of the odds and obstacles that face the little guy…and little gal, in the world of small commerce. The blog also offers a digital newsletter that can route smart, FREE marketing tips straight to your inbox.


BONUS: Lioness Magazine - Unabashed in its honest, vocal approach and unyielding in its support of women entrepreneurs, this digital magazine is a small business owner’s support system, coach, sounding board, and cheerleader all in one. Lioness not only features content geared towards women in charge of their own companies, but it also offers strategy sessions and assistance to help female entrepreneurs make their business dreams reality. In addition, the magazine’s social media presence allows its ladies at the helm to reach out, embolden, and engage with any small business owner they can — knowing the value of support to a startup as one itself. The digital mag’s varied bank of resources, many of which are no-cost or low-cost, are just what a budding (or existing) brand and CEO need to “take your life and your business to the next level.”


In addition to these great blogs, be sure to keep up with us here at Jali Creatives. Just like you, we’re dedicated to and invested in the success of your small business and we’re here to help our blog is designed with you — the small business owner, startup boss, or nonprofit leader — in mind. The content on Jali provides you with information on how to maximize your content marketing channels, and use your story to effectively sell your brand. Please feel free to email us with your comments/feedback and feel free to share this post!

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