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Maybe you're wishing you had the time to write your own content, or maybe you just wish you had a professional to look it over. We'd love to hear from you and see if we can be of service! 

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June 6, 2017


As entrepreneurs, it’s empowering to know you have the freedom to do it all-- your way. Sometimes, in the midst of excitement, we find ourselves overwhelmed when we try to take on tasks that we have minimal experience with, or honestly, don’t care to do. From payroll and accounting to drafting contracts, to marketing across a variety of platforms--we are tasked with it all. Lacking experience in any of those areas will affect your ability to be efficient.


You do know you don’t have to suffer by struggling to be the “jack/jill of all trades” in your small business, right? According to an article on entrepreneur.com, the first thing they suggest a small business outsource is CONTENT MARKETING. That’s right, it’s suggested that you hire an AGENCY to handle your content needs instead of tackling it totally on your own, or even hiring a full time team member for the job.


Aside from having to find the right agency, what holds small business back from hiring an agency? We have asked colleagues who are entrepreneurs or small business leaders and almost always got the same answer: THE COST. Totally get it, but, what is going to cost you more-- hiring a full time employee or paying an agency retainer? We decided to dig a little deeper and found some very helpful information.


Salary.com offered a wealth of data (and a very helpful table) about the true costs of internal employee hire versus agency. Which do you think is more expensive? Agencies, on average, charge a $3000/month retainer along with additional costs for software and other programs used. That brings your annual total to about $48,000.00. However, an internal employee is going to run you a pretty penny. Including benefits, the average marketing expert could run your business up to $126,000.00/yr. That difference in cost is a whopping $78,000.00! Imagine all the ways you can allocate that money instead.


With content, it’s more than just the cost that matters- it’s the quality of work and time needed to manage. If you have a marketing expert on your team, you have to also manage them. You can eliminate the stress of that responsibility by having an agency take care of your content needs. That includes content creation, scheduling, marketing,and tracking of analytics and KPIs. The time that you’ll save in managing can be used to focus on other areas in your business, it can also afford you more free time to give you somewhat of a work/life balance as an entrepreneur. It really comes down to what’s more important to you.



If the thought of such a high retainer scares you, perhaps you could also consider hiring an agency for projects to ease the load on your pockets until you build the financial confidence to keep them on retainer. The beauty in an agency also lies in the fact that they already have a team of eyes looking over your work versus just one employee. Having more than one person on the job grants more perspective and more often than not, fresh, relevant content.


As an agency servicing small businesses, our team at Jali Creatives works to provide our clients with quality content that fits their specific needs. We know the weight of having one less area to keep up with can truly offer you a peace of mind. Relying on the professionals to get the job done effectively and efficiently is a small business leader’s dream when it comes to time management. Basically- our agency wants to make your journey into entrepreneurship as desirable as possible. If you think you could use our services or even would like a simple quote on services you need, we’d love to connect with you. Our team is fueled by passion and purpose and we love supporting those who share similar values as us. We certainly hope if nothing else, you gain a better understanding of the true value of hiring on a small agency to master your small business content marketing needs. Give us a shout, let us know where you need attention, and let’s get our business’ booming, together!  


We'd love to know what you think about this post, please leave a comment below! 


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