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June 22, 2017

Cultivating The Currency of Your Story



As a small business owner, your story is your currency — that unique something that drives your brand and earns the buy-in and support of your audience. But are you aware that sharing your story in ways that go beyond your current product and service offerings could help you GENERATE currency?


By being a little more strategic in how your share your story and utilize the platform your business provides, you can make your mark in the marketplace and monetize your brand identity, starting with three easy-to-tackle techniques.


Make it Tangible!


One of the most effective ways to monetize your story is to develop its details into an item or media that your audience will use. Whether it’s a digital meal prep guide to complement your food delivery business, a series of workshops or seminars where you share your small business secrets, or even a book (or e-book) that shares your journey to "boss-dom", creating a tangible version of your story not only gives it staying power, but it offers yet another opportunity for you to truly connect with those who support you while cultivating new client and consumer relationships. TIP: Take advantage of the technology at your fingertips and give vlogging on YouTube or podcasting a shot. Fairly easy and incredibly engaging, these options pair a face and a voice with your brand and allow you to showcase your story beyond a blog. If it’s worked for beauty bloggers and makeup mavens via YouTube, it can work for you and your small business too!




Take it to social media!


The overwhelming popularity of social media lends itself to much more than helping you ease your boredom in your downtime — that popularity can be monetized.


With a little research and effort, you can monetize your posting power through brand partnerships, sponsorships, collaborations, and product sales posts.


Think this means selling out? Think again. By monetizing your social media presence, you still get the opportunity to share the photos, video moments, snaps, and statuses that are unique you, but you also get to link your followers to the products that you swear by, the services and businesses that help you run your enterprise, and the brands that bolster you — all while securing the bag and the success you’re working hard to achieve.


Many of our favorite lifestyle, fashion, and food bloggers have mastered the art of the sponsored post or collaborations with companies that relate to their content and their audiences, ultimately optimizing and monetizing their social media activity AND telling the stories we keep clicking back to see and read.


If you’re already flexin' on Instagram and sharing your story with your followers, why not generate income while you’re at it?


Add Ads!


If finding time to write a book isn’t a possibility or if curated social media isn’t your strong suit, one of the easiest ways to monetize your story lies in WHERE you tell it. Using the blog we’ve discussed in past posts, you can generate both site traffic and money through the use of ads right at the digital doorstep of your small business.


Just like the ads we see on television, at the movies, and in magazines drive us to buy things and patronize businesses, the ads on your blog can encourage your online audience to do the same. To add ads to your site, the process can be as easy as choosing an advertising network that aligns with your values and business practices and following their ad placement and feature guidelines. As your content runs and reaches your audience and client base, so will the ads — generating up to $50 per click. That way, you’re not just producing content that works; you’re producing content that works for YOU that can allow you to grow your small business empire.  



Telling your story is one thing, but monetizing it can be another. If you’re worried about maintaining your brand’s authenticity or making content that makes money, don’t fret. Our creative, resourceful team’s got your back! Jali Creatives can assist with content development and help you soup up your social media presence to ensure that you’re getting the most from your small business efforts.


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