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July 7, 2017


Minority women have been on the rise as “firsts” for tons of companies and institutions out here. What you can’t be is the first black female in small business and/or technology. Feels good just reading that, right? However, though we are still small in number, we are large in impact. We are trailblazers showing other minority women that they too can expand their successes in the field of technology and small business. There are a few leaders in the tech industry you should know but we’ll discuss that in a later post by our star blogger- Brandon Vaughn. Instead, let’s use this post to educate you on a few resources you have that may help your leap of faith into the tech industry or in starting your own business.



Building the Brand-


The Elevatyd Experience- Branding has been her area of expertise since her days at FSU. Tymerial McKenzie is not only a leader in the branding world, but she also has been published with her book of branding knowledge. In addition to her website and book, McKenzie hosts a branding boot camp annually. If you’re a newbie and want to work with someone who is super hands-on vs a big corporation, check her out. She is the founder and CEO of Elevatyd.


Spann & Co As a fearless leader in the tech world, Amanda Spann has covered all the basis from PR to marketing to developing apps to building brands as a professional. As a part founder of TipHub, Afridate, and Alchomy App (to name a few) she has definitely proven herself in the tech and small business industry. One of her booklets, Brand Identity, gives you more steps into building your brand once you’ve decided to start your small business.


**Fun Fact: both of these ladies are experienced entrepreneurs/women in small business, just like YOU!


Funding the Dream-



Opportunity Funding Corporation: A Division of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund- They serve as a staple in the HBCU community when it comes to funding our next minority entrepreneurs. They list opportunities for hack-a-thons and other contests where entrepreneurs and startups can win big grants to start their small business.


Black Founders-  This organization was founded to “increase the number of successful black entrepreneurs in technology.” (blackfounders.com) So if your small business is specifically in the tech field- you might want to check their website for more resources.


Your Local Bank- there is no link for this but check your local banks, credit unions, and family savings (if you know, your family is behind your dream and can financially help in ANY way) for loans, grants, and scholarships specific to minority women in small business.


Networks and Your Networth -


Black Enterprise- This is basically your go-to for all things black, entrepreneurial, and professional when it comes to small business. They have a wealth of resources on here for networking whether virtually or in person at any given event they publicize.


Black Women Connect-  The name is self explanatory. They pride themselves on being a hub for inclusion and connection for women in the professional arena looking to network and grow.


National Latina Business Women- Though based in California, they offer just as great of an online presence. For networking in the Latina professional community, this is a great start.


Now, before you think it- we know this isn’t the ‘end all be all list’ of resources for minority women in business and tech but we can’t list them all! We know that this list has personally been helpful for us and our clients when it comes to taking that jump into entrepreneurship. It can be scary, overwhelming, and leave you feeling a little defeated but with the right support (resources and network relationships) you can truly soar, sis! We hope this helps you and many others. Once you’ve started your journey into entrepreneurship and you have to start creating content and intriguing copy to accompany your brand, we encourage you to consider us to be your content agency of choice. Check our website to see if our services fit your needs. Have an awesome time planning your next business move-- we believe you’re idea is worth all the hard work!



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