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July 11, 2017

What will it take for your small business to be the next to get noticed? 



We are always looking for the next best small business to watch. As soon as some company we haven’t heard of starts popping up in our social media and news feeds through ad-marketing, we’re curious. We click. We explore for a few seconds and if the page seems interesting enough, we mentally (or literally) bookmark it to revisit later. That is one of the early steps to creating buzz around your business.


But if you’re business is already in existence and you feel you’re not making any big breaks, have you evaluated what you could be doing wrong? Start with the numbers.


  • Pull your analytics report of your marketing and find commonalities, find the dips, find the peaks. Use the data that is gathered from your content to strategically create or modify a new marketing strategy.

  • Check the analytics of opened emails from your email campaigns. There is data for opened and unopened emails. From that, you can figure out the demographic for who opens your emails and find a way to curate a marketing campaign to them.

  • Google yourself. Try to find where you land in the rank of search engines. If you find you’re all the way on page 4, think of new buzz words to increase your SEO rank to push you closer to page 1- which makes it easier for you to be discovered!


Once you have numerical data, check out your competitors. I don’t mean start comparing every detail of your current status to their success. However, look for the top small businesses in your industry. Try to figure out what gets them noticed. Is it there branding, content, or marketing? Are they in a niche market and you’re too general? Don’t be afraid to ask how they got to the top. After-all, your goal is to provide the best solution for the consumer’s problem at hand.


Speak up, answer the phone, get on the radio, reply to the email, accept and schedule the interview. YOU have to do the work to get your business out there. Nobody will label you as “the next small business to watch” if you don’t even bump for yourself. There is a fine line between humility and confidence but honey, you MUST be your biggest fan and biggest believer. When you promote your own business, someone is going to listen.




Let’s be honest- anyone can be an entrepreneur. Some prefer other professions and that’s absolutely great. We all have different and meaningful roles. For those of us who recognize a need and want to create the service or product to be the solution on our own-- well, we are those who could potentially become small business owners and leaders. In our previous post, “Discover Your Magic, Girl!” we gave a few resources to help budding entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. From branding, to funding to networking- creating a solid springboard for your small business is essential. We hope that article is helpful to you in some way. Once you’ve tapped into your magic, you can catapult your business .So what do you say,  is your business the next “Small Business to Watch in 2018”?  


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