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July 13, 2017

3 Black Women In Tech You Should Be Following




For decades, technology, domestically at least, has been a very white and very male field. As top rated, Fortune 500 companies grew by leaps and bounds — bringing in engineers, programmers, developers, consultants, and analysts to keep up with the advances in the field. However, minorities — especially black women — for many years were still left out.


In recent years, Black women have charged into STEM careers and the digital realm, developing programs and initiatives like Black Girls Code, proving that Black women have not only created an indelible niche in the tech game, but also that they don’t have any intention on leaving any time soon.


Today’s tech landscape shows us that not only are sisters doing it for themselves, but these 3 Black women in tech that you should be following are doing it for themselves, others, and for the culture.


Modupe Akinnawonu - Currently working as a Product Manager at the New York Times, Akinnawonu primarily works in the historic periodical’s digital space. While away from The Times, Akinnawonu also teaches and works with tech enthusiasts at General Assembly’s New York City location, spreading knowledge and encouragement with each lesson. Follow her on Medium here.




Laura Weidman Powers - Education is a powerful tool, and Laura Weidman Powers gets that. Through her work as the CEO of the nonprofit Code2040, Powers works to empower blacks and latinos — using technology as a way “to close the achievement, skills, and wealth gaps” we see daily here in the United States. Featured and touted by outlets like Black Enterprise and Fortune, Powers has been recognized for standing tall when it comes to diversity and equality in tech. Follow her on Twitter at @laurawp.




Rachel Hill - If there’s one thing you need to know about Rachel Hill, it’s that Rachel Travels…and she’s building an empire while she does. Formerly a corporate project manager, Hill quit her “good job” in an effort to beat rat race anxiety and actually live life as a traveling entrepreneur. Even though she’s a hard woman to catch, Hill still does remote tech work and also makes time to hit General Assembly’s Atlanta location to share some of her wisdom with tech-focused business bosses and those eager to learn about digital trends. Follow her on Twitter at @racheltravels_ and on Instagram at @racheltravels.


Looking for more influential entrepreneurs and tech bosses to follow? Be sure to stick with Jali Creatives for posts featuring more digital and small business industry names to know. Also, don’t forget that the Jali Creatives team is always here to support you — whether you’re strengthening your social media presence or looking to curate new content that reflects the values of your small business. If you’ve got suggestions of people and brands you think we should be following, feel free to list them in the comments!


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