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July 20, 2017

Live In Living Color: Abeille Creations Is A Small Business To Watch



Here at Jali, we’ve been expressing, at length, the great ways that you can make your small business stand out while you work to do big things in the marketplace. Whether talking about truly honing and following your passion(s) to focusing on how your market your products and services, we’ve dedicated our posts to making sure you feel empowered to take your enterprise to the next level.


That said, when it comes to setting an example, a brand with a colorful vibe and a lot of heart embodies what we at Jali Creatives stand for and believe in.


Meet Abeille Creations and Melissa Mitchell.


Mitchell, an Atlanta-based abstract artist has parlayed her love of vibrant colors, unique shapes, and bold lines into an eye-catching brand of products — her Abeille Apparel turbans and headwraps have been worn and hyped by the likes of Broadway performer Frenchie Davis and Academy Award winning actress Lupita Nyong’o. In a little over three years, Mitchell has created over 350 original art pieces, painted over 25 large-scale murals, and has had her work sold in stores. Simply put, she’s making BIG moves as a small business owner.


So what makes Abeille Creations worth the watch? Apart from drawing an impressive clientele base, Abeille Creations knows its strengths and its niche. Targeting consumers with a thing for daring design and one of a kind flair, the brand has built a solid base by accommodating and staying true to the consumer’s needs while also staying true to Mitchell’s faith and values. Whether customers are looking for existing accessories or custom items, Abeille Creations keeps the consumer at the forefront of operations — just part of Mitchell’s labor of love.


Social media is also a strong suit of Abeille Creations. As CEO, Mitchell regularly takes to her personal platforms to share an encouraging word, a praise report related to the brand, or insightful excerpts from the pages of her notebook — openly and honestly engaging with her followers and supporters without focusing on likes. Her authenticity and humility carry over to the Abeille Creations Facebook and Instagram pages as well, even if she’s sharing inventory updates, a peek at her latest work, or photos of satisfied customers rocking their Abeille Creations.    


Through a strong, earnest voice that resonates with its base, Mitchell and the growth of Abeille Creations are proving this small business has an admirable handle on how social networking impact correlates with the success of a business.


One last ingredient of the Abeille Creations not-so-secret sauce? Good old fashioned hard work. Mitchell makes no bones about the fact that her work ethic and dedication to her craft and business are what drive her and her enterprise — something she picked up from her late father, who had several small business interests of his own. A quick scroll through the Abeille Creations newsfeed or Instagram page provides proof that Mitchell — sometimes spotted and dotted with paint — is putting in the work to make her visions reality while giving the people what they want.       

Photo credit: Lifto Visuals @ryanlifto on Instagram


What’s next for Abeille Creations? Mitchell prefers to leave the future of her business to the man upstairs, but her hustle certainly won’t stop anytime soon. As the brand continues to flourish, Mitchell continues to be grateful for every blessing and continues to go hard in the paint.


For more information about Abeille Creations, follow the brand on Facebook and Instagram. For Abeille Apparel for women, men, and kids, shop here.


Got a small business or entrepreneur WE should be following? Feel free to leave a comment letting us know what small businesses — or bosses — we should keep on our radar. When it comes to your own small business, remember that the Jali Creatives team is on standby to help you tackle everything from content to brand brainstorming. Let us hear from you!



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