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July 27, 2017

Content: The Real Relationship Builder




In the past, building relationships as a small business owner was as simple as taking to the local streets and shaking the hands of the neighboring patrons you'd be serving. Today, however, the rise of tech driven e-commerce businesses has made that model of relationship building with consumers something of a dying art. In fact, an email can now be a handshake and a blog post can lead to your first profitable sale.


That said, while personality and timeless charm help, content is the true relationship builder...which means that flat or ineffective content can break a relationship with a client, customer, investor, or partner before it even forms.


To avoid content AND relationship building blunders, these three tips can help you put your business best foot forward and craft bonds that will last longer than you think.


Use authentic content — Content that reads well and sounds nice can be quite attractive to clients and customers, but if it doesn’t align with what your small business truly stands for or provides, then it’s a waste of time AND resources. When curating content to help you build a solid rapport with those you’re hoping to reach, keep the foundational values, principles, and goals of your brand at the forefront — and hold strong to them. Authenticity holds immense value — even in the digital space — and content that reflects the genuine nature of your business helps you build connections.


Use content that engages — As social media sites and apps make today’s brands and CEO’s more accessible to consumers than ever, it’s incredibly important for small businesses — especially fresh startups and emerging small businesses — to develop and rely on content that engages potential clients and customers when it comes to building fruitful relationships. Think you’re doing enough with a website that lists your pricing and features a few customer testimonials or reviews? Think again.


Experts in a variety of industries will agree that offering engaging content with a unique, yet targeted twist allows you to build community — which ultimately builds revenue. Don’t be quick to sell a product or service; instead, use engaging content to forge ties with those you hope to reach. Share an anecdote or the inspiration behind a certain product or service as you cultivate brand loyalty — one of the most valuable relationships any business owner can hope for.


Use content that resonates — Whether you are creating content in hopes of drawing in customers, social media followers, investors, or partners, these potential relationships all hinge on one important factor — you want your business to be known and remembered. Just like a corner store owner of days past would hope to beat the competition and keep customers coming back, you should want the same for your brand — even if your storefront is digital.


By using content that resonates, you’re not just focusing on connections that lead to immediate sales or payoffs; you’re creating connections that lead to longevity and staying power. Curated content that showcases your connection to your audience and client base give them something to hold on to with each site visit, newsletter email, or social media post and often reminds them why they support you and your enterprise in the first place. This reaction can not only strengthen your ties with your core consumer following, but it can also grow the expanse of your small business and strengthen the relationships you’ve already built. Major key (and bottom line): resonance is directly linked to remembrance.     


Find your content creating a disconnect with your clients and audience? Our team here at Jali has a thing for the written word and can help you develop content that develops relationships while staying true to your small business' values and goals. Also, feel free to read through our blog archives for more information on content that connects with your audience.


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