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Maybe you're wishing you had the time to write your own content, or maybe you just wish you had a professional to look it over. We'd love to hear from you and see if we can be of service! 

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August 11, 2017




When your car conks out, the fridge goes on the fritz, or a pipe issue persists, it’s typically better to leave the fix to a professional whose knowledge and skill will make things right again. Because we know that content is the ultimate relationship builder, you wouldn’t want to risk potential or existing relationships with stakeholders and clients over the use of ineffective, inconsistent, off-target, or downright bad content.


Just like major repairs, the written and visual end of your business should be left up to the pros -- and here’s why.


It frees your focus and your time -- At one time, “content” in the digital age was considered a blog post and maybe a vlog here or there. Today, the scope of content in the digital age encompasses blog posts, videos, podcasts/audio posts, newsletters, and the list of innovations keeps growing. Sure, you could learn to plan and produce this content yourself, but leaving this to the professionals gives you more time to focus on the business you’re running, the goals you have for the future, spending time with family and handling other obligations -- and maybe even more sleep. With just 24 hours in a day and most of them consumed by SOME aspect of your small business, the time -- and potential headaches -- you’ll save by outsourcing your content curation will make the investment in such services money well spent.



Professionals add polish -- Many small business owners will tell you that NO ONE knows their small business as well as they do, and it’s usually true. This usually compels small business bosses to add creating content to their list of duties...even if they don’t have a handle on what they want to convey. Working with a content-crafting professional allows you to get the word out -- LITERALLY -- and have content that accurately and properly lists, advertises, and showcases your products and services. Experts have noted at length how well quality, clear content correlates with revenue, so consider a content writer or content team as a conduit to the coins you stand to make by reaching clients through polished content that appeals to them and stays true to you and your brand.


It opens doors to endless possibilities -- You may depend on a content writer or agency to help you keep your blog in check, but if you’re open, you’re bound to get so much more out of the investment. Because professional content entities typically deal with a number of diverse clients, they are usually incredibly insightful when it comes to ways to grow your business’ digital footprint, to try new concepts and distribution methods, or to help you plan future content options. For example, your brand’s blog and YouTube channel may already be considered a hit among your audience, but a content writer may suggest branching out to Facebook Live Q&A’s once a week to offer clients an interactive way to show love or voice their concerns when it comes to your small business.


A content agency may also help you develop a plan for meeting your content needs across storytelling and social media platforms you may not even be using yet. Just like a business consultant can help you navigate the risks and snares of the digital marketplace, a content writer or agency can do the same and save you from making missteps that could cost you AND help your brand and its message stay relevant and remembered in print.


All in all, hiring a content writer or agency is one of the most important and beneficial investments a small business owner can make. Outsourcing the curation needs of your brand to a company like Jali Creatives can not only change the way you look at the power of content, but also in the way others see -- and support -- your small business. If you think that you and your enterprise can benefit from our content-related services, reach out to us and let our team help you right -- or rewrite -- your content wrongs.


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