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August 15, 2017



When is the last time you clicked on a blog post and less than 10 seconds later you’ve already closed out the window? We’ve all done this a time or two. Whether it’s a surplus of annoying pop-up ads or poor writing in general, we’d love to go over the danger of publishing hard to read content and tips to making your post better.


To keep it short- if your content is hard to read, it will not be read.




As marketers, the goal is to reach as many people as possible with content about your business. Because we live in a massively digital world, anything not worth reading will be lost in the internet black hole. You can avoid this by following these guidelines for an effective blog post.


Your font is too fancy.

  • Express your style in your post, of course. However, don’t feel the need to do so with a fancy font. Imagine how difficult it would be to read an entire post like this? Keep it simple. Try Arial, Futura, or Verdana.


Where is the Whitespace?

  • Do you love run-on sentences? No? Well, what about page-long paragraphs? Nope, we don’t like those either and neither do most people when they are reading your blog. Our brain naturally needs a break when reading and using white space (literally leaving blank space between paragraphs/sentences) breaks up the message, making reading less of a drag.


Use Images.

  • Whitespace is great but too much can be bad. Business blog posts aren’t meant to be simply black and white 5-page long articles. You want your business to reach ideal customers and you can grab their attention with appropriate images that convey the message you are trying to relay. When using images, be mindful to only use images of good quality. You can find free images on many different stock photo websites like Getty Images, CreateHerStock, ShutterStock.


Keep it conversational.

  • Using heavy professional jargon has the potential of turning off readers who don’t know what the words mean. Use colloquialisms and conversational language. Allow your readers to understand and feel empowered with your message instead of intimidated.


Create lists.

  • Got a quick point to make? Rattle off a list of bullet points instead of an essay. The shorter the piece, the quicker the read.


Bold, Highlight, Italicize.

  • Liven up your post and bring attention to certain points by using these font features.


Apply these guidelines and watch your blog post analytics significantly increase. Don’t fall victim to bad blogging due to poorly curated content. We hope this list cultivates readership by making your posts easy to read. Make it easy, make it fun. If you’re looking for professionals to help you out, Jali Creatives is totally here for you.


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