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September 5, 2017



Now is the time that you begin reviewing your year and preparing for the next. What have you accomplished? Have you met your marketing goals? Creating a successful small business means making sure you market your business in an effective way. Sure, it’s a lot of fun to see your content being re-posted on social media and even more awesome to hear people actually name-drop your business. How do you keep up with being “on” while the rest of the world is watching? Apply current trends to your marketing strategy. Using trends is actually crucial to creating a buzz around your business.


Do Mobile-Friendly Marketing


All day, every day, people are on their phones. It’s a trend now. Checking emails, text messages, double tapping on instagram is the normal activity that keeps your friends distracted when you’re out. Because of the convenience, most people use their cell phones for everything! Knowing that, every business owner should consider making their website cell-phone friendly. When you hire a content agency to create material for your website, make it a point to let them know you want it to be mobile-friendly. Doing so will help you capitalize on the opportunity margin to reach more people in your target market. If you have hired a designer and content agency, let them both know exactly what you expect from them so they can create fitting content. With most smartphone users, the quicker they can read and grasp what message you’re putting out, the more likely they are to stay engaged.




From Twitter to Facebook to Instagram, hashtags have become the standard. Using the right hashtags might be the next marketing tip to focus on. SEO is everything. Creating unique hashtags are great for your brand but you want to incorporate trending hashtags. You can find out what’s trending by going in the search bar on Instagram and check out the top hashtags used for the day. On Twitter, you can also track hashtags. I would encourage you to also click on the hashtag you choose to use to see what others are posting and how your post compares. If your post isn’t standing out, perhaps next time you can create a post to better compete in the masses.




Use Visual Representation


Pictures. Videos. Graphics. Use visuals to aesthetically engage your target audience. People respond better to visual storytelling. Photos on Facebook receive more engagement than text, videos, and links. Take advantage of visuals and use them to boost traction to your website.


Follow Influencers


Influencers are those with a significantly large and active social media audience. They typically have a ton of likes and comments and often promote other brands in addition to theirs. Because they are so plugged in, it would be a great idea to follow them to know the latest trends. You can even go as far as using Google alerts to keep up with an influencer or the latest hot topic.


pictured: Influencer, Rachel Hill


We know trends can really help your content because it has helped ours! When we create content for our clients, we always aim to make sure it’s fresh content that is worth being read. We hope you see the value in using trends because it will certainly increase traction to your website once you’ve caught people’s attention.


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