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September 20, 2017



So, you just got off from work and you are tired. Like that exhausted “my brain stopped working hours ago” tired. That’s expected for most working professionals from time to time. We do A LOT. Do you ever find you are too tired to cook or workout or go grocery shopping? What are you doing instead: going home to binge on television and social media.


There is no shame in that.

Now that we brought to light what we really do when we get home from work, have you thought about how much content you are truly taking in during those “lounge” hours?  Later, and Instagram scheduling tool, took a poll and over 50% of social media managers said that evenings from 7-9pm was the best time to post on Instagram. Can you believe that? Perhaps we should be marketing after hours after all.


How do you know if you’re maximizing and reaching a larger percentage of your target market? Well, you can hire an agency that specializes in that. Yes, marketing on social media is effective and there are professionals that monitor the analytics of reach and engagement between posts and the audience (ahem, Jali Creatives.) Investing in an agency to create and market your content will not only save you from overtime hours, but will garner you visibility to those who don’t get the chance to use their cell during their working day.


B2C companies will see more engagement during after hours since they are customer driven. You can reach those who are busy in the day. If you are a B2B company you likely aren’t operating after 5p and neither are those in your market. Consider that before you jump ship to late night marketing that may not prove to be beneficial.


Knowing your market is the key in using this after hours strategy. If you know your ideal customer is checking your social media during the day, then you may want to stick with traditional hours. Every method isn’t universally effective.

Does after hours include weekends?


Yes, however, weekends are not encouraged as prime posting times. On the weekends, majority of social media users are out experiencing life and taking pictures of it to post later on. Some are checking their social media but you shouldn’t expect a huge spike in viewers during this time. I would personally still post on the weekends but I wouldn’t use that as my main prime time for my best content.


The whole point in posting outside of the typical 9-5 is to increase engagement. Because Facebook and Instagram have adopted the algorithm posting standard, you now see posts based on higher likes versus chronological posting. Consider this when scheduling your content to market. Platforms like Twitter however, still use chronological posting and you should remember that before totally uprooting your posting strategy.


Switching up your marketing strategy can change the game for you; and we hope for exactly that! Be sure if you do so that you monitor your analytics. If the new method of marketing isn’t proving to be effective- don’t be afraid to ditch it and go back to your old ways. If you find you need assistance with scheduling, monitoring, and even creating this content, give us a shout right now! We know how many clients can be pulled in just by trying out new ways of working. If you have had any luck with after hours marketing, let us know in the comment section!


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