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September 22, 2017

What You Can Do To Keep Your Content Unique




In a world where even your dentist has a digital presence, it can be hard to come up with fresh, unique content that keeps your audience engaged and returning to read more. To date, there are more than 20 million people creating content for blogs and online content sources, offering surfers, shoppers, and general consumers of the world wide web a whole wide selection to choose from.


While you may not be able to beat the saturation factor when it comes to what’s out there, there are a few things you can do to develop, plan, and produce content that’s uniquely you and connects with your market.


Do a little research — Even if you’ve got a pretty solid understanding of the niche consumer base you serve, the key to unique content lies in digging a little deeper and taking a closer look at the other things that interest those who support you. For example, if you offer hair-centric services or products, what new innovations or must-haves seem to be a hit within the community you’ve cultivated? Or if mobile device fixes and screen repairs are your specialty, what tools or protection methods can the techies who follow you benefit from after reading your latest post or newsletter? By plugging into the industry trends, tips, product reviews, suggestions, and general commentary related to your specialized consumer niche, you position yourself to collect a wealth of knowledge AND content ideas that are relevant, useful, and relatable.


Get personal — You might not believe it, but some of the freshest, unmatched content you’ll ever develop and publish will be straight from the heart and rooted in your personal experiences. The same thoughts, experiences, and needs that led you to start your own business can inspire content that directly speaks to your audience. While it may not pay to go into great detail or to share EVERY anecdote or personal experience, keeping it real with your readers can keep readers — and those they share your content with — coming back regularly. Remember that authenticity is the key to developing an online identity that connects with readers and that authenticity can unlock a number of unexplored content possibilities as it helps you grow your business.


Find inspiration among the feedback (and comments) — For anyone responsible for online content, perusing the comments section or feedback repository for a site can be a task that invites uneasiness and uncertainty. Considering how tough it can be to get up the courage to publish a post or send out a newsletter, especially for those who are new to crafting content, actually having to read and sift through what your readers or viewers had to say about what you’ve produced can be a hard task to take on. However, you’d be surprised how idea-rich this space can be.


A number of bloggers, writers, and content producers source their ideas from the comments left on their existing posts. Not only does doing so ensure that you’re acknowledging the attention and response that your digital presence receives, but it also provides a prime opportunity to keep a conversation going, share your view on a certain response, or craft content based around the love — or criticism — your products and services may be inspiring. This strategy also doubles as an uber-affordable form of quality control and lends itself to future improvements or tweaks to the existing products and services that sustain your small business or budding brand.


Explore other avenues — If you’ve found that the options above yielded less-than-promising results, expert sources offer the following as great starting points and sources for content that’s sure to get noticed:


- Polls 


- Product reviews 


- Q&A interviews 


- Social media round-up 


- Documentaries and books



Still stumped for unique content concepts that help set you apart? Not to worry. Remember that Jali Creatives is a one-stop shop when it comes to creating web copy, blog posts, and other content that allows you to reach (and keep) your audience while still telling your story your way. If our team can help you with your content needs, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. In the meantime, how do you keep your online content fresh and unique? Share your tips and insights via a comment!


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