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October 9, 2017

3 Social Media Marketing Mistakes You’re Probably Making


Let’s be honest -- in this 21st century world we’re living in, seemingly EVERYTHING -- and practically everyone -- has gone social. Originally considered a trend among “the kids” of America, today’s social media platforms now boast millions of users across all age groups. Of course, as more people migrate to social media, brands and businesses hoping to capture their attention and at least a portion of their income have done the same, taking their marketing and advertising efforts to the social stage where the consumers and influencers are.


When it comes to marketing your small business, there are plenty of ways to go about it. However, doing so via social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram has proven to be one of the most effective ways to showcase your products and services while gaining and cultivating a powerful following. Social media marketing can also bring a new level of visibility and accessibility to you and your business...but could you be doing it wrong?


Before you spend another minute -- or another dollar -- using social media marketing to sell your business to consumers, take a moment to think about whether or not the following three mistakes are limiting your success.


You’re Using The Wrong Platform -- When it comes to using social media as a brand or business, choice of platform(s) is incredibly important. Sure, Instagram is a great platform for visually-minded users seeking square-shaped photo and video content. But if your business offers more text-based or analog products and services that don’t fit with the platform’s uber-visual nature, you’re likely wasting your time and effort trying to create relevant, winning posts. Whether you’re just getting started or you’re already 2,000 posts in, consider tweaking your social media strategy and choosing a platform that’s right for your enterprise.


But how? Though a little demographic and platform research, experts offer, choosing the right platform that suits your social media marketing needs can become a much easier and much more effective process.


You’re Using The Wrong Voice -- Almost as important as choosing the right platform for your social media marketing needs, use of the right voice is imperative. So many of the millions of posts brands and businesses share across social media channels are based around great storytelling, and great storytelling is heavily dependent on a strong, relatable voice.


When it comes to the social media character and voice of your small business, how would you describe them? Do they seem to be connecting with your followers? Is your brand’s voice (or identity) consistent? Try revisiting some of your most effective -- and least effective -- marketing posts, as these can shed light on what’s working with consumers and followers. It may also be helpful to research brands who have seemingly hacked social media marketing and see how their strategies can work for you and your brand.


You’re Using The Wrong Approach -- Even if you’re using the right platform(s) for your brand and your small business identity and voice are sure and strong, it’s still a possibility that you could be going about “the whole social media marketing thing” all wrong. Marketing your small business and your offerings via social platforms goes beyond just snapping and sharing product photos and candids. Just like running your own enterprise, there’s a science to social media marketing.


Once you commit to learning the science behind how your business can and should use social media platforms to drive sales and brand growth, you can begin to develop a more solid approach to marketing your brand across the various social channels. How can you do this? Marketing experts would urge you to first focus on the numbers associated with this type of marketing and then focus on ways to gain support and buy-in from your followers. You’d be surprised how a change in your brand’s social media marketing efforts can change the trajectory of its future.


There are plenty of marketing mistakes your small business could be making via social media, but by initially addressing these three, you stand to narrow down the source -- or sources -- of what’s not working. Truthfully, running a small business is a full-time undertaking and making social media work for your brand can be the same. If you find yourself needing help with social marketing basics, automation tips, or general strategy, remember that Jali Creatives has the tools and resources you and your small business need to market to the masses. If you’re having success with social media marketing, what tips or tricks would you offer to a beginning small business owner? Feel free to share yours in our comments section!


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