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October 18, 2017

“It’s a rare condition in this day and age...to read any good news on the newspaper page…”

-- Jesse Frederick, “As Days Go By”




Chat with anyone these days about the 24-hour news cycle and you’re bound to see practically anything but a smile flash across his or her face. While newspapers and newscasts do include heartfelt features and feel-good stories, it can seem like they’re few and far between these days.


So where are folks getting a good daily dose of positivity, inspiration, and encouragement? The answer lies in the digital content and social networks linked to their favorite brands and businesses.


Because we know audiences connect with branded content that they can FEEL, it would be to your benefit to focus on how effective positive content could fortify your small business success.


As a small business owner and a consumer yourself, take a moment to think about the brands and businesses you follow and possibly model your enterprise after. How are these brands using positive, motivational content to engage their audience members? Does content with these qualities posted by prominent figures REALLY resonate with those who consume and share it?


With nearly 95 million dedicated Instagram followers, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson serves as a prime example of how much genuine, positive content can connect with users and consumers in the digital age. Whether he’s sharing a glimpse of the fans he’s grateful for, offering a motivational line between workouts, or even sharing a bit of wisdom he’s picked up during life’s journey, the film star’s social media presence seems to keep followers inspired and coming back for more of his notable gems.




The takeaway: You can do the same through your blog or social media content.


By developing and publishing content that promotes things like positivity, perseverance, tenacity, and optimism, you can do much more than inspire people to buy what you’re selling -- you can build an audience of empowered supporters who can possibly, as a result, live better daily lives.


Getting Visual


Through visual content via platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, or Facebook, you can speak directly to your followers and supporters, offering insights and positive vibes through the sharing of your own anecdotes, motivations, and resources. Developing a consistent format and concept can even allow you to build your brand and broaden your audience. Take, for example, the approach of speaker, life coach, author, and wearer of MANY other hats, Iyanla Vanzant, and her “daily dose”.




Though short, sharable videos like this, Vanzant offers viewers simple tips and advice rooted in positivity and better living. No matter what products and services your small business is built on, think of ways you could try a similar approach when it comes to social media or website video. How can you try something similar?


Positivity In Print


If you find that your brand doesn’t lend itself to the use of video or visually focused social media, you can still produce and share positive content through written copy. Whether through consistent blog posts, a targeted email campaign, or even a newly launched newsletter, take the opportunity to share some insightful goodness -- and a bit of personality -- with readers and subscribers. Not only is this a strong move in the direction of community building (which we’ve discussed in the past), but the vulnerability can provide a level of accessibility to your business or brand that’s unmatched. HINT: Our founder’s newsletter can serve as a great example of blending current events, real life experience, brand updates, and a dash of inspiration into a conversational, genuine way to reach and connect with those who have the back of your small business or emerging brand (sign up here).  


Still not positive that you’ve got the power to create content that inspires and uplifts? Not to worry. Our team at Jali Creatives offers a number of services and resources that can help you plan and curate upbeat content that draws your audience in and offers them something meaningful that exceeds the products and services of your small business. Reach out to us! In the meantime, leave us a comment and tell us how (and why) positive content resonates with you.


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