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October 24, 2017


Have you ever heard of ‘blitz marketing’? For those who aren’t familiar (and aren't into football plays), it is an aggressive “focus and attack” campaign style. In marketing, these blitz campaigns are typically short, intense, and are pushing one particular product or service for that time period. Like in football, you want the blitz to be fully ‘beefed-up’ with additional support for the quickest, most effective route to your goal.


While marketing is a constant requirement in cultivating awareness of your brand and business, it can grow stagnant and ineffective without switching up your marketing style from time to time.


A benefit of blitz marketing is the fact that it essentially disrupts your regular marketing pattern with an explosive presence. The goal is to grab the attention of new customers or awaken the interest in those already in your network. High quality and unique-to-brand content is essential for this to be an effective marketing tactic. You’re going to want people to digest your content and grow curiosity to learn more about what you have to offer.


How do I beef-up a marketing campaign?

  • Pull out all the stops. If you are going to do a social media blitz, your key to success would be to schedule as many of your posts in advance as possible. The intensity in this style marketing campaign can be overwhelming. A way to triumph is through preparedness and advanced post scheduling (or you can hire Jali Creatives to do the work for you!) There are software programs that content marketing agencies use, like Hootsuite and Buffer, that provide tools to manage your small business' social media.


What should I look for in these programs?

  • Engagement Tracking – The best programs have a dashboard that offer you a visual preview of current platforms and the activity you have going on. Here you can see all of your posts to make sure they went out as scheduled and are in fact the right content you were intending to market. 

  • Speaking of scheduling – This is what you need the program for with intense marketing campaigns. Though social media never sleeps, us entrepreneurs do (eventually, even if only for an hour or so *DEEP tired sigh*) Having a scheduling tool is the premise of these software programs. 

  • Analytics reporting will help you gather all data and compare your numbers to better understand how your campaign is performing. Be sure to run the reports for each separate platform to gauge which is working best!


How long do I run a 'blitz marketing' campaign?


Frankly, that is up to you! What's the goal? How much do you want to increase your reach? I would suggest setting an amount of new clients/customers you want before you chill and return to your regularly scheduled marketing strategies. For my current clients, I encourage them to run a campaign like this for a short duration but more often than not. 


If you're thinking your marketing has hit a sluggish pace, consider this marketing tactic. Our team would love to help you achieve your marketing goals. You can reach out to us here. 


Happy Marketing!

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