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Going Digital for the Culture

November 8, 2017


Minorities and millennials are undoubtedly an influential demographic for business today. For many in business, brick and mortar seems to be a thing of the past. The idea of “internet over everything” has people getting whatever they want, whenever they want at the click of a button. Shopping, catching a ride, starting a business, and even meeting your soulmate can all be done on the world wide web. If the days of going outside to find what you’re looking for are gone, how do we cultivate and represent real life culture while sitting behind a computer screen?


A lot of clients we service are rooted in tradition and culture. Because of that, many of them represent their culture in their brand in some way.  With our niche market for all things entrepreneurial and minority (and female), we too have a culture that we represent and seek to work with. For those clients, we’ve created content that incorporates their professional background while intertwining their style and traditions into their business. We enjoy projects that represent who we are and who we wish to serve. For example, Jali Creatives showcases a little culture as well right there in our name! The word ‘jali’ means storyteller in Swahili and we are a storytelling agency. See the relevance? If we want to service and market to those like us, then let’s be recognizable to those like us.


A challenge I’ve heard in the online marketing world is getting the authenticity of culture to translate digitally with proper representation. Older folks seem to think millennials are losing their way because we sit behind a computer screen instead of experiencing and contributing to black culture in person. That isn’t exactly true. In fact, we are “blacker than ever” (Kevin Walker.)


Trending hashtags, viral videos, blogs, and memes have allowed millennials to learn and contribute to culture in a digital age. #BlackBoyJoy and #BlackGirlMagic are famous hashtags that have led many marketing campaigns for companies. Even news of notable black leaders reaches us in record timing due to social media. Businesses like Blavity (and it’s newly acquired Travel Noire) have been birthed by using the online networks; including social media. I mean, honestly, the ingenuity it took to say “hey, let’s reach people online that have never been reached before and excel” has paid off. There are businesses were once just ideas being discussed in Facebook comment sections and now they are reaching enterprise levels.



A question you may want to ask yourself is ‘does your business represent who you are and who you wish to reach?’ Now is the time to brand your business your way in a limitless world. We have the freedom to create our businesses how we want, and for whom we want. Marketing our small businesses can be done now in such a way that we use our culture to reach the top.


Do yourself a favor and gain that confidence to create an unapologetically FUBU (for us by us) business. Incorporate your culture in ways that nobody can stop you. If you need some tips or creative minds to bounce your ideas with, we have a dedicated creative team that is willing to sit down and hash out your ideas of marketing for and to minorities in small business. You can reach our creative director here with inquiries. Besides, we are all here doing for the culture, right?


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