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November 22, 2017

This post is for you and I hope you read it.




This isn’t a post about why content marketing matters or how to sell your story but this is about me. It’s about the life of an entrepreneur who happens to be a friend, daughter, employee for a totally different job, and overall a young, vibrant woman on her life’s journey- with gratitude.


When I was approached to become a regular contributor and helping hand for Jali Creatives, my immediate response was YES! This is my big sister’s company and she wants me! Feeling valued enough to be chosen was an honor in itself. But, to truly put my creativity and learned writing skills out into the world was a huge accomplishment for this little ol’ FSU english major. Sure, there are times I use slang and colloquialisms but mostly, I was now able to showcase one of my talents and passions. Writing isn’t easy, fun maybe, but never easy. It takes time to draft then edit and repeat that process until you crank out the exact message you’re looking to publish. There are occasions when I don’t have the time to meet a deadline due to my obligations for my 9-5 but that’s when my big sister turned CEO steps in and takes over (I’m so grateful to have the working relationship with her that I have.) This professional writing journey has been full of beauty and growth so far.


Writing for Jali Creatives has also earned me some esteem and even an opportunity to edit a friend’s capstone for their masters program at Northwestern! That was just the validation I needed to affirm my skill to myself. People have taken my writing seriously enough to hire me, ME, to write and edit their work. All I can say to that is Thank You GOD! After years of not using the knowledge I learned over at Florida State I’ve finally received my big break- and it came at the perfect time. My opportunity to write was not only a blessing but it saved me. I had a pretty rough year back in 2015 and 2016 was all about growth. I stayed fervent in prayer that God would change things and essentially bring me back to life and He did just that through this opportunity. For a while, I even wrote down what I was grateful for on a daily basis to help jumpstart my day when I woke up feeling down in the dumps. That turned into a habit of mine and I now journal most nights to simply recap all I’ve accomplished and all things that I appreciate. I believe because I kept a grateful heart that I opened the door for more blessings and success to follow.


Best part about my story is that this can be your story too. Many blogs and articles that I’ve read in the past about gratefulness have cited the study from UCLA and University of Miami.  It goes on to prove that those who spoke of their blessings instead of focusing on their problems went on to be much more successful. It’s all about a shift in perspective. For example, if you’re constantly looking for the good in others, you’ll likely start to notice the good in self. Same applies to the bad-- but we don’t want that for you. Personally, I want all who read my work to leave with something. Whether you learned a new fact or finished my article with a warm, empowering, or simply happy feeling- I will have accomplished my goal.

I have found my success through gratefulness. This holiday season, I hope you can also begin being and expressing what you’re most thankful for more often. Spread good cheer by being of good cheer and watch all things of light and love become more attracted to you.


Thank you for reading, always.


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