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A Few Keys to Client-based Marketing

January 9, 2018



Let’s face it: those “new year, new me” social media posts that fill our timelines this time of year prompt more eye rolls and scoffs than we might care to admit, but the sentiment behind them isn’t a bad one. The start of a new year offers a great opportunity to recalibrate, refresh, and reevaluate things -- even when it comes to your small business and how you market to your clients.


If your previous marketing strategy produced less-than-ideal results in years past, the start of 2018 is a perfect time to embrace the importance of developing – and utilizing – a client-based marketing strategy that connects with your client base and gets your brand noticed this year and beyond.  


What is client-based marketing? Though there are a number of varying definitions of and terms for this concept, client-based marketing is simply crafting strategy around the feedback, interactions, needs, and wants of your clients. Think of it as allowing your clients to take the wheel of your business and steer you where they want you to go – within reason, of course – when it comes to what they’re looking for in products, services, and experiences.


An easy way to start? Experts suggest ENGAGING directly with consumers and clients via social media and your brand’s site, instead of just sharing content in a seemingly one-sided exchange. Use your social media accounts to develop dialogues, share product ideas, and even ask for service suggestions as needed. The feedback and input you receive can work wonders for your small business as you build community and bring your clients along for the ride via custom content and brand experiences that will stand out in this often-impersonal digital age.




Maybe you haven’t found your footing when it comes to social media engagement or using platforms to start conversations with those you’re trying to reach. No worries. You can distill the concept of client- or account-based marketing down to “people-based marketing” – allowing you, for starters, to take what you know about consumer habits, needs, wants, likes, and dislikes and use it to influence the products and services you and your enterprise provide.


Until you can survey and gather information from your own specific niche client base, you can use more generalized market and consumer trends as inferences and inspiration markers that help you develop a more meaningful, authentic, and client-centric marketing strategy. This may seem like a small step, but even the smallest step can help you make a big (or bigger) impact in business.


Consider yourself a social media savant or a community-building boss when it comes to your brand? That’s great, but there’s always more you can be doing to ensure that you keep and GROW your client base. Industry insiders offer that since consumers are always looking for better, more enticing brand experiences, you should be mining the existing data, conversations, reviews, and comments at your disposal to influence the products, services, experiences, incentives, and marketing campaigns you plan to develop next. You may be tempted to take a breather, but as all small business owners know, the hustle never stops…not even when it comes to your marketing strategy.


It may seem like you have a lot of work ahead when it comes to your new year’s marketing strategy, but choosing to focus on more client-based efforts will allow you to directly engage more with consumers, potentially meet and exceed current sales goals, and initiate opportunities for growth, collaboration, and so much more before the year ends.


Got a cadre of client-focused marketing ideas, but unsure of how to make them a reality? Our team here at Jali Creatives can work with you to create a marketing strategy that is sure to help you meet your immediate goals and needs. If you’ve already had some success with client-focused marketing, feel free to share your tips and strategies in the comments section below!


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